SRU confident in Hadden

Scottish Rugby has given its coach Frank Hadden a big vote of confidence, after Scotland qualified for their sixth World Cup quarter-final at the weekend.

Scotland Rugby Union (SRU) chief executive Gordon McKie on Tuesday told the BBC that he hoped the Scotland coach would extend his contract with the union after the World Cup.

“I’m very hopeful Frank [Hadden] will want to stay and build from here. The process is only beginning,” said McKie.

Hadden’s tenure as Scotland’s coach has been somewhat of a roller-coaster ride since taking over from Matt Williams in September, 2005.

It is indisputable that the quality of Scottish rugby has improved markedly since the Williams era and the Scottish Rugby bosses have had no choice but to acknowledged that.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in the national team over the last 12 months – and indeed the last two years since Frank [Hadden] was appointed.

“Hopefully, we can go forward and make it better,” added McKie.
Hadden has made it no secret that he always wanted the top rugby job in Scotland before his appointment and one can only assume that he would relish the opportunity to finish the good work he started two years ago.

The Scottish rugby faithful can therefore expect Hadden to sign a new deal with the SRU when his current term expires at the end of the World Cup.

Scotland meet with the Pumas in their quarter-final clash at the Stade de France on Sunday. The challenge for Hadden’s team will be to progress to the semi-final of the tournament for the first time since 1991.

But irrespective of Sunday’s result the Scottish Rugby chief is adamant that Hadden is an asset to Scotland.

“I’m very hopeful Frank [Hadden] will want to stay and build from here, I certainly hope so,” McKie added.


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