Socol left surprised

Romanian captain Sorin Socol has admitted he was surprised at the manner in which the All Blacks contested the breakdown in their final Pool C encounter.

The defeat ended the tournament for Romania, who had only won one game prior to this encounter, and Socol was delighted at the way his sides scrum and lineout performed. He was however very surprised at the All Blacks approach at the ruck.

“They didn’t seem to contest the ball the way we do in Europe,” Socol said.

He was happy with the effort of his team and while they scored one try, the players felt they should have had another by the same means, driving from a lineout.

“We had our opportunities but we were unable to do the last touches to score,” he said.

The team manager, Robert Antonin, believed the All Blacks clarity of thought when they had the ball was a major difference between the two sides.

“It is obvious the All Blacks will create problems for other teams, not just Romania,” he said.

Romanian are now at a crossroads and many of the players in their current squad will probably not still be around for the next World Cup in 2011.

“Young players are coming through but they don’t compete in high-level matches and if they don’t get more matches against top teams like the All Blacks then Romanian rugby will not progress,” he said.

Antonin implored the International Rugby Board to maintain 20 teams in the competition.


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