Oaks to use forward power

Romania will look to their forward strength on Tuesday as they hope to dominate Portugal and record their first win of the World Cup.

Having lost their opening two games, and with only New Zealand to play after this game, Portugal represent the best chance Romania have of winning a game at the tournament.

With nine changes in the side coach Daniel Santamans will be hoping for a better display than those turned in so far.

Romania manager Robert Antonin said they were determined to defeat Portugal, who had improved a lot.

“We scored one bonus point against Italy. I regret the defeat against Italy. Scotland was normal. So now we want to defeat Portugal and I think it will be very difficult but we want one more bonus point,” he told IRB.

“Romania have stronger forwards and Portugal have stronger backs.”

Portugal coach Tomaz Morais knows it will be a tough test, especially after captain Vasco Uva was ruled out with a broken hand.

“We have played them many times throughout the year. They offer a very physical game with their forwards, almost all of whom play in major clubs in Europe,” he said

“We have to be very cold and determined to confront every play. We have to be alert and very concentrated and not give away silly penalties.”

Morais said his side had a few surprises up their sleeves.

“We have been preparing a lot for this match, and we are going to show some new weapons. We have to throw ourselves into attacking and not be so far behind.

“I think that if we show the attacking that we had against Scotland, the defence that we had against Italy and the courage that we showed in the first few minutes against New Zealand, then we will surely win.”


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