Samoans promise more fire

Samoan coach Michael Jones has vowed there can be no repeat of his team’s tepid display against Tonga last week, when they face ailing England in a crucial World Cup Pool A game in Nantes on Saturday.

Samoa’s 19-15 loss to Tonga in Montpellier last weekend has put them firmly behind the eight-ball.

“I would like to think that you would never see a ‘cool’ Samoa team ever again,” Jones said as he looked towards the showdown with an equally dismal England at Stade de la Beaujoire.

“It’s something we’ve really had to address this week.

“That was the difference between winning and losing [against Tonga]. It’s not our normal style, and it has been a pretty painful week for us.”

More so than England, Samoa must win on Saturday to keep alive their play-off hopes.

“We are all very clear on the significance of this game, and what it means in terms of what we represent in terms of our country, our families, all the good things we play for.

“If we get it wrong this week – we don’t even want to think about that. The boys are excited, they’re very bubbly and very focused.

“England are just as desperate as we are. They have their backs against the wall too, and will come out fired up.

“There is a typical England look to this team. At the last World Cup they were called ‘Dad’s Army’ and ‘the geriatrics’, but we’ve got a lot of respect for England and I think they have a lot of respect for us.

“They have a high regard for our players.”


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