Canada aims for Qtr.Final

Although Canadian coach Ric Suggitt admitted that the World Cup was a big step for his team, he did aspire to qualify for the quarter-final of the 2007 tournament and emulate the class of 1991.

“There’s always talk about the 1991 World Cup, but most of us weren’t around so it’s a benchmark, but we’ll have to set our own standards,” said Suggitt on Monday.

The Canadian coach set very high standards for his team indeed.

“For us, we need to win three games to get to the quarter finals, so there is this benchmark, and we’re out to win three games. Then hopefully we can duplicate the greatness of the team from 1991,” added the Canada coach.

A confident Suggitt explained that although his team really wanted to achieve great things at the World Cup, He did not feel overly pressurised to emulate the 1991 Canadian quarter-finalists.

Suggitt, added that he had tremendous confidence in his players to do well.

The fact that he is in a Pool with two-time World Champions Australia, Wales and Fiji did not phase Suggitt one bit. The only team ranked below Canada in the group is Japan.

But Suggitt, who is renowned for being a bit instinctive as a coach explained that his team wouldn’t put all their effort into one particular game.

“We need to win three games, so we haven’t looked at one and said, we need to put our eggs in one basket for this game.

“Our main strength is our team. It’s not a matter of whether our forwards or backs are stronger. We have a good team that complements each other very well.

That ‘good’ team will look to prove how capable they are when they open their World Cup account against Wales in Nantes on Saturday.


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