Agen acts against Caucau

Rupeni Caucaunibuca, the Fijian wing with a special talent, is again in hot water, this time with his French club, Agen.

Again the Fijian has simply ignored any form of commitment to a calendar. This got him into trouble when he was playing for Fiji and failed to pitch for matches. Now he is three weeks late in joining up with his club which, not for want of trying, has received no explanation of his absence.

On Monday the club’s president Alain Tingaud issued a statement that Caucau was no longer a part of the club’s professional squad for the coming season.

This is the second of Caucau’s prolonged absences from the club. Previously he stayed a month in Fiji to be with his pregnant wife, for which the club showed sympathy and exercised patience. On Friday Caucau was to have flown to France but missed his flight.


Coach Henry Broncan said that one could assume that Caucau had no intention of returning to Agen. Broncan said that it was a sorry situation as Caucau was “the best player in the world in his position”.

Caucau came to Agen from Auckland in 2004. Initially he was a try-scoring machine with 16 tries but the tries rather dried up last season when he scored just one. In addition he served a three-month suspension after testing positive for cannabis after the Montauban match.


He was also involved in a motor accident. When Fiji selected its probable squad for the World Cup Caucau was not in it. But then he had been suspended from playing for Fiji for a year for failing to arrive at World Cup qualifiers.

Caucau turned 27 in June this year.


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