Cash could solve Edinburgh drama

Edinburgh owner Bob Carruthers has confirmed he will hand back control of the club to the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) if the money is right.

Carruthers is seeking full reimbursement of the money he and brother Alex have invested in the capital club before handing over control.

If the SRU can find the funds, and wish to take the capital’s side back into their hands, the current threat of a court battle over Magners League and Heineken Cup fees with Edinburgh could be averted.

“Pay us back what we have put into the game and we will go,” said Bob Carruthers.

“I am coming to the position that it is untenable to be an independent club in Scotland.”

The Carruthers brothers took charge at Edinburgh on a franchise basis in July 2006 but have recently had a strained relationship with the SRU, who had been keen to take on external investment in the professional side.

The dispute with Edinburgh escalated when the club withdrew their 12 Scotland internationals from a week of World Cup training last month.

Bob Carruthers added: “Really, unless you are 100 per cent behind the SRU and they are per cent behind you, you are wasting your time because they can make life so awkward that it is untenable.”


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