Marcus ready to roll out of Edinburgh

The dark cloud hanging heavy over Edinburgh is set to get darker with the news that centre Marcus Di Rollo is reported to be on his way to French giants Toulouse.

The Scotsman reports that Di Rollo is understood to be in negotiations with the French side, and could, if the story turns out to be true, join the likes of fellow international Chris Paterson, Simon Taylor, Rob Dewey and Ally Strokosch in leaving the capital club.

As a glance it is purely speculation, yet a deeper look into the crisis that has ravaged the club of late would suggest it is almost certain Di Rollo will be on his way sooner, rather than later.

During the bitter arguments between the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) and Edinburgh owner Bob Carruthers, the players were made an offer to seek employment elsewhere if they so wished. It now seems painstakingly obvious that Di Rollo was one of those to explore his alternative options and it seems the big-spending Toulouse have lured him away.

This, the latest in a long line of devastating blows for the club, comes less than 24 hours after star lock Scott Murray was allegedly sacked by the club. It would appear there are more dark days ahead for a club who at the end of last season looked to promise so much this year.


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