Carruthers confident of brotherly reunion

Edinburgh owner Bob Carruthers believes his brother will return to the club once he has recovered from the strain of a bitter dispute with the Scottish Rugby Union.

Alex Carruthers quit as chief executive on Wednesday along with chairman Graeme Stirling after fresh talks with SRU chiefs over a funding row broke down in acrimony.

Bob Carruthers is now preparing to take the SRU to court after his brother and Stirling quit in frustration.

“They were constantly being handed letters from the SRU – they need a break,” he said.

“The chairman and chief executive are just worn out. They came here to run a rugby team.

“They have tried for a year and fought to keep it out of court.

“I have watched Graeme Stirling visibly age before my eyes.”

But Carruthers claims the departed pair could return ahead of the new Magners League season.

“I would think so because they put a lot of emotional involvement in getting this squad together,” he said.

“The season doesn’t kick off until September 22.

“By then they will be recovered. They are not going to lose their love for rugby.”

Carruthers, who has appointed Dean Lewis as acting managing director, has urged fans to stick with the club despite the uncertainty.

Edinburgh have made some impressive summer signings including Australia star Stephen Larkham.

“For the fans there is no change because what they are going to see is the squad we pulled together for the Magners League – provided Gordon McKie doesn’t pull the plug,” Carruthers said.

Carruthers claims SRU chief executive McKie has threatened to withdraw funding and prevent Edinburgh playing fixtures if they take legal action.

“We can’t get the board of the SRU to agree to meet with us and Gordon McKie’s stance is if we try to assert our rights through the courts he will try to close Edinburgh Rugby,” he said.

“He will withdraw the funding. He will invoke Scottish Rugby by-laws and IRB regulations to prevent the club from playing fixtures. It is not mature and not sensible.

“Gordon McKie said ‘give me back the club and you walk away’.”

Carruthers admits he does not know whether Larkham will eventually arrive amid the uncertainty but he assured players the coaching staff would continue as normal.

“We have a very dedicated and professional team and they will continue to look after the players.”


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