Edinburgh rail against SRU

Reports from Scotland say that the relationship between Edinburgh and the SRU is getting increasingly fraught, and that the private backing given to the franchise may be withdrawn as a result.

An unnamed source in The Scotsman has said that due to continued harrassment from the SRU over various issues, including player availability and money, some of the financial backers are ready to walk away.

“For some it is very nearly now a case of enough is enough,” said the source.

“Having sold out to Edinburgh Rugby Limited a year ago before they had planning consent to build flats on part of the Murrayfield site, the SRU are now much more bullish in a dispute over cash that goes to the heart of relations between the two parties.

“Basically the SRU want Edinburgh back under their control and are making life extremely difficult for certain people at the club to continue.”

Edinburgh have tried to fight fire with fire, insisting that players are now not released from Edinburgh pre-season training to Scotland training until an agreed date of July 13, as per the original purchase agreement drawn up between the Carruthers brothers and the SRU.

“Edinburgh have been left with no alternative but to take this action of bringing the World Cup squad members back into our training plans until next week to draw attention to certain matters,” continued the source.

“For example, the amount of cash due to Edinburgh for Magners League and Heineken European Cup participation has never been resolved. As if that were not bad enough the Scottish Rugby Union, through their chief executive Gordon McKie, refuse to meet Edinburgh Rugby.

“The effect this is having on some extremely good and decent guys within the Edinburgh administration is becoming serious and investors are losing their sense of enjoyment.

“Is that any surprise when a senior figure within Murrayfield calls up and leaves what amounts to an abusive message on the Edinburgh Rugby answer-phone saying we have ‘stooped to a new low’? How can that be the case when all that anybody at Edinburgh Rugby Limited wanted was to create a strong playing force north of the border.

“Contrast that with current SRU policy which appears to be creating a pro team in London which will do much, much more for the Richmond area and I think you will know where Edinburgh are coming from in terms of developing the game.”

However, it may be that if the backers walk away, Edinburgh will once again be under SRU control, meaning that the financially-beleagured union will have to take on more liabilities, possibly not an ideal situation.


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