Tri-Nations, Week 3, Statistics

The Tri-Nations has had three thrillers so far, in each of which the winners have come from behind to win near the end of the match.

We give some stats from the match in Melbourne between Australia and New Zealand.

We give some Tri-Nations stats accumatively.

Soudsure are again a great help with the statistics.

Santionary Cards

The only recipient this week was Carl Hayman for illegal play at a tackle after a team caution.


Week 1: Pierre Spies (South Africa)
Week 2: Pedrie Wannenburg (South Africa)
Week 3: Carl Hayman (New Zealand)

Penalties conceded

In this section we record the times a team was penalised.

Australia vs New Zealand

Total number of penalties: 19

Australia: 9
New Zealand: 10

The reasons for the penalties were as follows:

* = points conceded


Tackle/ruck: 5 (Mortlock, Shepherdson 2, Dunning, Vickerman)
Off-side: 2 (Smith*, Giteau)
Scrum: 1 (Dunning)
Discipline: 1 (Sharpe – air tackle)

New Zealand:

Tackle/ruck: 7 (Jack, McCaw, Kelleher, So’oialo, Collins, Mauger, Hayman)
Off-side: 2 (Jack*, Mealamu)
Scrum: 1 (Hayman or Woodecock)

Australia missed two penalty kicks at goal, New Zealand one.


This gives the number of penalties at ruck/tackle as a fraction of the total number of penalties:

Australia vs New Zealand: 12/19 = 63%

Getting possession – line-outs, scrums, free-kicks, drop-outs, turn-overs

In this section the figures represent the number of times you get to play with the ball.

Australia vs New Zealand


Line-outs: 13 (2 lost, 2 skew)
Scrums: 14 (6 reset, 5 collpases, 5 free kicks, 2 penalties)
Free-kicks: 5 (4 scrums, 1 +10)
Drop-outs: 1

New Zealand:

Line-outs: 12 (2 lost, 3 skew)
Scrums: 8 (3 reset, 2 collpases, 1 free kick)
Free-kicks: 2 (scrums)
Drop-outs: 2

Stoppages (total of line-outs, scrums with resets, free kicks, penalties, drop-outs)

Australia vs New Zealand: 85

Tackles/rucks/mauls per match

Australia vs New Zealand: 187

Kicks per match

Australia vs New Zealand: 41

Australia: 23
New Zealand: 18


Here we give the number of times in the match the referee allowed advantage. (The figure in brackets is the number times the advantage actually accrued.)

Australia vs New Zealand: 26 (11)

Hold-ups for injury

Australia vs New Zealand: 6


Australia vs New Zealand: 10


This is the number of tries each team scored.

Australia vs New Zealand: 4

Australia: 2
New Zealand: 2

Tries/penalties scored

This gives the ratio of tries scored to penalties scored by each team:

Australia: 2/2
New Zealand: 2/1

The ratio of tries scored to penalties goaled is

In Week 1 the ratio was 2/7
In Week 2 the ratio was 4/6
In Week 3 the ratio was 4/3

Totals per week


South Africa vs Australia: 6 + 7 = 13
South Africa vs New Zealand: 7 + 4 = 11
Australia vs New Zealand: 9 + 10 = 19
Australia vs South Africa:
New Zealand vs South Africa:
New Zealand vs Australia:


South Africa vs Australia: 1 + 1 = 2
South Africa vs New Zealand: 2 + 2 = 4
Australia vs New Zealand: 2 + 2 = 4
Australia vs South Africa:
New Zealand vs South Africa:
New Zealand vs Australia:


South Africa vs Australia: 29 + 36 = 65
South Africa vs New Zealand: 41 = 40 = 81
Australia vs New Zealand: 23 + 18 = 41
Australia vs Sou

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