McCaw ‘cheap shots’ a Mauger worry

All Black centre Aaron Mauger reckons that his captain Richie McCaw comes in for some special attention at the breakdown.

Speaking in the aftermath of a hugely physical encounter against South Africa – a match with plenty of niggle – Mauger spoke of how he and the team dealt with the treatment meted out to the world’s best openside flanker.

“Yeah there’s a lot of cheap shots going in from the side, but fair’s fair, if it’s all in-house you’re ready for it and shaping up,” he said.

“A lot of it is coming in from the side of rucks and mauls. It’s a bit average really, and it is something we will have to address the next time we play them.

“Rich will let the boys know what’s happening out there and whether we have to look after him.

“Fortunately for the game it only ever results in a little scuffling and hopefully some stuff that doesn’t go any further.

“It’s certainly frustrating because a lot of it is unseen, I guess if the cameras look hard enough they will find a bit of dirty out there, so i guess it is up to the officials to sort it out and deal with it.”

Mauger did hint that the Boks was one of the main teams involved in the targeting of McCaw – and others – and staunchly defended any suggestion that New Zealand might seek to get their retaliation in first in the future.

“It’s the same as last year, they try to target a few of our main players, we just have to look after them,” he said.

“We certainly don’t go out to play rugby that way, we play in a positive fashion, concentrate on fundamentals and don’t worry about scrapping too much.”


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