Australia beat New Zealand in Sydney

Out of the last six Rugby Championship matches between Australia’s Wallabies
and New Zealand’s All Blacks there has been one draw and the All Blacks have
won five.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The All Blacks are performing the Haka. Ka Mate. 

0.001 Bernard Foley kicks off and we are underway. 

1.00: The All Blacks make a mistake after the kick off and Australia pounce but then knock on. 

2.00: The All Blacks get the put in, they win the scrum and Aaron Smith (box-kick) chips the ball upfield. 

3.00: Penalty to New Zealand after some scrappy play by both sides.The All Blacks kick for touch and the line out.  

6.00: The All Blacks scrum is solid but the Wallabies steal the ball. The All Blacks get the put in after Israel Folau loses the ball. 

7.00: The All Blacks win the scrum and run the ball. Ben Smith gets the ball away to Milner-Skudder who is stopped 5m short. Sonny Bill goes for the line but is stopped. The All Blacks win a penalty. Sekope Kepu makes a tackle and is not back 10 so is yellow carded. 

8.00: Dan Carter lines up the posts for the penalty kick. He nails it and the All Blacks are on the board. 

9.00: Matt Giteau chips the ball upfield and finds touch deep in NZ territory. 

11.00: After the All Blacks win the line out Milner-Skudder almost gets through again but is caught. The Wallabies turn the ball over and then kick upfield. 

14.00: The Wallabies concede their fourth penalty. Dan Carter kicks for touch but the ball goes straight into touch. 

15.00: Greg Holmes comes on for Michael Hooper. Could be blood. 

16.00: The ball is charged down after a scrum and its a mad dash for the ball. Carter gets a toe to it but Nick Phipps and then Giteau just beat Carter to the ball and dot it down. 

17.00: The Wallabies pass the ball back towards their line but Phipps rushes the pass and Giteau misses the ball and then regathers it. 

19.00: The Wallabies win a scrum but after two phases the All Blacks turn the ball over. They kick the ball deep and Folau sends it back and into touch. 

22.00: The Wallabies win a penalty from the breakdown (Hooper who has come back on). They kick for touch and the line out. 

23.00: The Wallabies win the line out and Pocock bursts through and races for the line. He is caught and the Wallabies keep the ball alive and continue the attack in the All Black 22. 

24.00: The ball slows in front of the posts and then goes dead. Wallaby put in for the scrum. 

25.00: Penalty from the scrum in front of the posts to the Wallabies. Wheeled. Giteau will take the shot. 

26.00: Giteau slots the penalty and the scores are level. 

27.00: Penalty to New Zealand. Aaron Smith won it by catching Nick Phipps off guard at the ruck. Dan Carter lines up the posts. 

29.00: Carter slots the penalty and the All Blacks lead. 

32.00: Penalty to Australia. Giteau misses and hits the upright. The ball is played and then goes into touch. McCaw looks to have taken a blow he gets some help and then carries on. 

33.00: Wallabies win the line out and attack on the All Black 22. Israel Folau slips through and races for the line, he is just stopped short and the support comes in but knocks on. 

34.00: The All Blacks win the scrum and A.Smith clears the ball into touch about 5m from the half way line. 

36.00: The Wallabies set up a line out in the All black 22 but the ball is lost and the All Blacks clear it after some messy play which almost saw Stephen Moore get through. 

37.00: The Wallabies lose the line out again and attack working the ball to the half way line. They get pressed back and the Wallabies turn the ball over but then knock on. 

38.00: All Blac

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