Rebels beat Chiefs in Melbourne

Out of the last three Super Rugby matches between the Melbourne based Rebels and the Hamilton based Chiefs the Hamilton side have won all three.  

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The Rebels lost Mike Harris shortly before the match and Bryce Hegarty came into the starting line up. Telusa Veainu came on to the bench to replace Hegarty. 

The Rebels kick off and we are underway. 

3.00: The Chiefs win the first scrum and they run the ball but get pushed out into touch out wide. 

4.00: The referees assistant comes in to report potential foul play so we go to the TMO to check. Nothing comes of it but the Rebels have a penalty anyway. 

6.00: Jack Debreczeni takes the shot from 57m out. He nails it! 

9.00: The Chiefs win a scrum and run the ball to the Rebels 22 by moving the ball down the line at pace. The Rebels catch them, turn the ball over and kick for touch. 

11.00: The Rebels win a penalty from the line out. A scuffle breaks out but then dies down. The Rebels kick for touch. 

12.00: Toby Smith has a burst of a run for the Rebels. The Rebels recycle when he is caught and they go wide.

13.00: The Rebels win a penalty 5m for offside. They kick for touch. 

14.00: The Rebels win the line out and go for the line. They win another penalty after they can’t get over. The Rebels choose the scrum. 

16.00: Another penalty to the Rebels. The Chiefs get a warning. The Rebels will scrum again. 

16.00: The Rebels win the scrum and they change sides and then come back and Scott Higginbotham dives over in the corner. TRY! 

18.00: Debreczeni misses the conversion. 

22.00: Penalty to the Chiefs. Andrew Horrell takes the shot and nails it. The Chiefs are on the board. 

27.00: The Chiefs win a line out just outside the Rebels 22. They try the maul and then run the ball. They get into the Rebels 22. 

28.00: The Chiefs attack outwide but Liam Messam gets pushed into touch. 

30.00: The Chiefs continue to bash away at the Rebels defence. They win a penalty. Sean McMahon comes off. The Chiefs choose the line out. 

31.00: The Rebels win a penalty from the line out for obstruction. Rebels kick for touch. 

33.00: The Chiefs break out from inside their half. Ben Tameifuna gets the ball from the breakdown and kicks it ahead. The Chifs chase the ball and Charlie Ngatai eventually scores for the Chiefs. We go to the TMO to check offside and foul play.  James Lowe is yellow carded for striking a player with his knee. No try. The Rebels will kick for posts. 

34.00: Debreczeni slots the penalty. 

37.00: The Chiefs win a penalty back. Horrell takes the kick but misses. 

39.00: A hole opens up for Nic Stirzaker, he takes it and racens for the line and scores in the corner. We go to the TMO to check for obstruction. There was obstruction but it was behind Stirzaker so the TRY is awarded. Debreczeni misses the conversion as the siren sounds.. 

Its’s half time. 

The half time score was Rebels 16 Chiefs 3

Tim Nanai-Williams kicks off and we are underway with the second half. 

42.00: Dom Shipperley of the Rebels breaks out from inside his half. They get the ball into the Chiefs 22 and change sides. The Rebels get caught 5m out and they recyle but knock on in front of the posts. 

43.00: James Lowe is back on so the Chiefs are back to 15. 

46.00: The Chiefs work the ball into the Rebels 22. After 10 phases the ball slows but they keep the ball moving until they lose it forward. 

49.00: Michael Fitzgerald leaves the field for a concussion test.

53.00: The Chiefs set up a rolling maul. They drive to the line but when it gets to 2m out the maul breaks up. The Rebels continue to drive forward but they get held up as they go over. 

55.00: The Chiefs win a scrum 5m out. They move the ball down the line but the Chiefs read it well and stop the move. The Chiefs keep the ball live and change sides, they get to the touchline and change sides again. They go over the line and get held up again.

56.00: Higginbotham gets a team warning for offsides.  The Chiefs get a penalty and they choose the line out. 

57.00: The Chiefs win the line out. They use the maul and they go to the backs. The Chiefs kick wide and everyone chases. Sefanaia Naivalu gets the ball and fumbles it back over the line and Charlie Ngatai gets to it and scores. TRY! 

58.00: Damian McKenzie slots the conversion. 

60.00 : Dom Shipperley has another sniping run down the wing but the Chiefs manage to stop him. The Chiefs then give away a penalty so the Rebels will have a shot. 

61.00: Bryce Hegarty takes the kick but misses. 

63.00: Penalty to the Chiefs. Lowe kicks for touch and sets up a line out in the Rebels 22. 

65.00: The Chiefs knock the ball on at the line out so the Rebels have a scrum. 

66.00: The Chiefs win the ball and attack down the wing but they knock on again which gives the Rebels another scrum. 

68.00: The Chiefs attack again in the Rebels 22. It’s desperate defence from the Rebels. The Chiefs go over in a mass of bodies so we go to the TMO. The initial break came from Augstine Pulu. The TRY is awarded to Michael Leitch. 

69.00: McKenzie hits the post with the conversion so the Chiefs still trail. 

72.00: The Rebels go through 20 phases on attack in the Chiefs 22 but then the ball goes into touch. Liam Messam gets a warning and the Rebels have a penalty. They choose the line out. 

73.00: The Rebels win the line and drive over the line. They think they have scored when the whistle goes but its a penalty they have won. Line out again. 

74.00: The Rebels win the line out and they drive for the line. They can’t get over so they go wide. The Rebels almost score but they are called back for a penalty. Liam Messam is yellow carded for side entry. Shipperely dived for the line and went to score then but Nanai-Williams slid in and got his leg under the ball. Try saver. 

75.00: The Rebels choose the line out. They win the line out and use the maul. They go wide and then chip ahead but they can’t get back quick enough. We go back for another penalty. 

Penalty count : Rebels 7 Chiefs 13 

76.00: Michael Leitch snatches the ball at the line out and the Chiefs try to run the ball out of their 22. The Rebels are up quick but they knock on. 

78.00: The Chiefs win the scrum and attack from their 22. They go through four phases but knock on. 

79.00: The scrum has to be reset. Penalty to the Rebels from the scrum! 

80.00: Hegarty takes the shot at posts and it hits the post. They get the ball back and kick it out. 

The Rebels have won. 

The full time score is Rebels 16 (16) Chiefs 15 (3)


Tries – S.Higginbotham, N.Stirzaker 
Pen – J. Debreczeni 2
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – C.Ngatai, M.Leitch
Pen – A.Horrell
Con – D.McKenzie
Drop –
Cards – J.Lowe (yellow 33rd min), L.Messam (yellow 74th min)

Match Officials
Referee: Andrew Lees
Assistant Ref 1:Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 2:James Leckie
TMO : Ian Smith



1. Toby Smith ,2. Pat Leafa ,3. Paul Alo-Emile ,4. Luke Jones,5. Lopeti Timani ,6. Sean McMahon ,7. Jordy Reid ,8. Scott Higginbotham (c),9. Nic Stirzaker ,10. Jack Debreczeni ,11. Sefanaia Naivalu ,12. Mitch Inman ,13. Tamati Ellison ,14. Dom Shipperley ,15. Bryce Hegarty

Replacements :16. Tom Sexton ,17. Cruze Ah-Nau ,18. Tim Metcher ,19. Cadeyrn Neville ,20. Colby Fainga’a ,21. Luke Burgess ,22. Tom English ,23. Telusa Veainu


1. Pauliasi Manu , 2. Hika Elliot , 3. Ben Tameifuna , 4. Matt Symons , 5. Michael Fitzgerald , 6. Liam Messam (c) , 7. Sam Cane , 8. Michael Leitch , 9. Brad Weber , 10. Andrew Horrell , 11. James Lowe , 12. Sonny Bill Williams , 13. Charlie Ngatai , 14. Tim Nanai-Williams , 15. Tom Marshall

Replacements : 16. Quentin MacDonald , 17. Siate Tokolahi , 18. Jamie Mackintosh , 19. Michael Allardice , 20. Johan Bardoul , 21. Augustine Pulu , 22. Damian McKenzie , 23. Bryce Heem

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