Chiefs beat the Western Force in Hamilton

 Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Hamilton based Chiefs and the Perth based Western Force the Chiefs have won four and the Force one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Chiefs kick off and we are underway. 

2.00: The Force sustain some early pressure from the Chiefs and they win a penalty. They kick for touch and the line out. 

3.00: The Chiefs turn the ball over and attack the Force but the Force are up for it. The Force turn the ball over and press the Chiefs back. 

5.00: The Chiefs sustain the Force’s pressure and they start their attack from inside their half. They get the advantage and then the penalty for a player leaving the feet in the Force’s 22. 

6.00: Marty McKenzie lines up the posts and takes the shot and nails it. 

10.00: Penalty to the Force. Luke Burton lines up the kick and takes the shot. He nails it to level the scores. 

14.00: The Force show patience in their attack and after a good build up the Force send Angus Cottrell over for the first TRY! The Force lead. 

15.00: Luke Burton takes the conversion kick but hits the post. 

17.00: The Chiefs win a penalty back straight after the restart. McKenzie takes the shot from well out and he nails it. 

19.00: The Chiefs start their attack from inside their half. They move the ball through the hands and Tim Nanai-Williams, Brodie Retallick, and Brad Weber combine to send Charlie Ngatai over for the Chiefs first TRY!

24.00:Penalty to the Chiefs. McKenzie lines up the kick and nails it. 

28.00: The TMO is called in for a dangerous tip tackle by Ian Prior on Tim Nanai Williams who had dropped the ball before the tackle. Could be serious. The TMO decides that Ian Prior is red carded. 

31.00: The Chiefs work the ball into the Force’s 22 but knock on. The Force win a scrum and kick for touch.  

33.00: The Chiefs win a line out and they run the ball into the Force’s 22 but the Force keep them out and they knock on. 

35.00: The Chiefs win the ball after the Force scrum. They run the ball wide and get to about 1m out but they get pushed out. 

38.00: The Chiefs set up a maul on the Force’s 5m line. They drive over the line and Hika Elliot scores. TRY! 

39.00: McKenzie takes the conversion from in front and nails it as the siren sounds. 

Its half time. 

The half time score was Chiefs 23 (23) W.Force 8 (8)

The Force kick off and the second half is underway. The Force have subbed Adam Coleman and brought in Wilhelm Steenkamp. 

43.00:The Chiefs make a strong start and after the kick off they push the Force back into their 22. The Chiefs have an attacking scrum. It collapses and has to be reset. 

44.00: The Chiefs scrum (with one man less) powers towards the line from the 22m line and it drives to the 5m line and a penalty TRY is awarded. 

45.00: McKenzie adds the conversion. 

49.00: The Chiefs win a penalty. They take the quick tap and work the ball to the Force’s 5m line. The Chiefs however knock on and the Force get the ball and kick it into touch. 

55.00: The Force break out from their half. They run the ball from inside their 22 passing the ball to keep it alive and after several hands Luke Morahan scores. TRY! Much of that was created by Ryan Louwrens. 

56.00: Burton adds the conversion. 

60.00: Penalty to the Western Force. They kick for touch and the line out. 

61.00: The Force win the line out and drive for the line. They get to the line and Matt Hodgson scores. TRY! 

62.00: Burton slots the conversion and the Chiefs lead has been cut to 8. 

65.00: The Chiefs get the ball and Tim Nanai-Williams slips through four tackles and races through to score the bonus point TRY!

66.00: McKenzie misses the conversion. 

72.00: The Chiefs have the ball in open play. Sonny Bill sees a gap and tries to get through. He does but is then caught. The ball is lost and the Force try to counter but get stopped. 

75.00: The Force put the Chiefs under real pressure 5m out from the Chiefs tryline. They go through the phase and they go wide and Heath Tessman  scores the Force’s bonus point TRY! 

77.00: Burton just misses the conversion. 

79.00: The Chiefs have the ball and are on the attack near the half way line. 

80.00: The siren sounds. The Force turn the ball over in their half and start their attack. They win a penalty for leaving the feet. One Force player is down so they are playing with 13. They take the quick tap. 

81.00: Another penalty to the Force. They take the tap again but afetr a couple of phases they knock on. Thats it. Full time. 

The full time score is Chiefs 35 (23) W.Force 27 (8)


Tries – C.Ngatai, H. Elliot, Penalty Try, T. Nanai-Williams 
Pen – M.McKenzie 3
Con – M.McKenzie 3
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – A.Cottrell, L.Morahan, M.Hodgson, H.Tessman
Pen – L.Burton
Con – L.Burton 2
Drop –
Cards – I.Prior (Red 28th min)

Match Officials
Referee: Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 1:Glen Jackson
Assistant Ref 2:Mike Lash
TMO : Glenn Newman



1. Mitchell Graham , 2. Hika Elliot , 3. Siate Tokolahi , 4. Matt Symons (c)    , 5. Brodie Retallick , 6. Johan Bardoul , 7. Sam Cane , 8. Michael Leitch , 9. Brad Weber , 10. Marty McKenzie , 11. Tim Nanai-Williams , 12. Sonny Bill Williams , 13. Charlie Ngatai , 14. Bryce Heem , 15. Tom Marshall

Replacements : 16. Quentin MacDonald , 17. Pauliasi Manu , 18. Ben Tameifuna , 19. Michael Fitzgerald , 20. Liam Squire , 21. Augustine Pulu , 22. Damian McKenzie , 23. Andrew Horrell

Western Force

1. Pekahou Cowan , 2. Nathan Charles , 3. Tetera Faulkner , 4. Steve Mafi , 5. Adam Coleman , 6. Angus Cottrell , 7. Matt Hodgson (c) , 8. Ben McCalman , 9. Ian Prior , 10. Sias Ebersohn , 11. Nick Cummins , 12. Luke Burton , 13. Kyle Godwin , 14. Luke Morahan , 15. Dane Haylett-Petty

Replacements : 16. Heath Tessmann , 17. Chris Heiberg , 18. Oliver Hoskins , 19. Wilhelm Steenkamp , 20. Kane Koteka , 21. Ryan Louwrens , 22. Junior Rasolea , 23. Marcel Brache

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