Melbourne Rebels beat Brumbies in Canberra

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Canberra based Brumbies and the Melbourne based Rebels the Canberra side have won four and lost one match.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Christian Lealiifano kicks off and we are underway.

1.00: There is a early knock on from the Brumbies so the Rebels have a scrum just outside their 22.

2.00: The Rebels win the opening scrum and the ball is kicked into touch.

3.00: The Rebels press the Brumbies back to their 22. Tom English kicks upfield but the ball goes dead.

6.00: The Rebels win a line out near the half way line and press the Brumbies back.

7.00: The Rebels go through 7 phases and they get an advantage. They are then called back for a penalty for Stephen Moore not clearing away. Rebels will kick for posts.

9.00: Mike Harris lines up the penalty kick and he nails it off the post. Rebels lead.

11.00: Out of nothing Nic Stirzaker races away from a scrum and passes to Sefanaia Naivalu who dummies a pass and runs for the line to score. TRY!

12.00: Harris adds the conversion and the Rebels have a good early lead.

17.00: Both teams test each other with the boot rather than running it. Coleman decides to change matters and runs at the Rebels but is caught. The Brumbies recycle and Michael Dowsett kicks for touch.

19.00: The Brumbies win the ball from a line out and get the ball to the Rebels 5m line with the pick and go. They do however concede a penalty for going over the top. The3 Rebels clear the ball and set up a line out.

21.00: Rebels win the line out and the Brumbies go over the top and concede another penalty. They kick for touch.

23.00: The Brumbies win a scrum in their 22 and kick for touch. They don’t find it and the Rebels kick it back. The Brumbies knock on.

25.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Mike Harris lines up the kick and he nails it.

28.00:  Lausii Taliauli makes a break for the Brumbies and gets them on the attack. The Brumbies keep the attack up but they give away another penalty. Penalty count Brumbies 6 Rebels 0. Harris kicks for touch.

30.00: Rodney Iona comes on for Lausii Taliauli who goes to the head bin for a concussion test.

31.00: The Rebels win a line out just outside the Brumbies 22. They go through 5 phases on the attack but then on the 6th phase the Brumbies win their first penalty.

33.00: The Rebels win another penalty for a late tackle. The Rebels will kick for posts. Tackle was Speight on Naivalu.

34.00: Harris misses the kick. His first miss so far.

37.00: The Rebels turn the Brumbies ball over at the back of the scrum. Its scrappy but Jack Debreczeni gets the ball and kicks for touch.

39.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. Pulling the mail down. Lealiifano kicks for touch. The Brumbies win the line out and attack the Rebels in their 22.

40.00: The Brumbies go through the phases in the Rebels 22. 12, 13 phases and they are 5m out. Still they go.

41.00: The Brumbies get the ball wide – the ball bounces well on the ground – and Speight goes over for the opening TRY! His first for 2015.

43.00: Lealiifano takes the conversion kick but the Rebels get a hand to it and it misses. Half time.

The half time score was Brumbies 5 Rebels 13

The Rebels kick off and the second half is underway. The heavens have opened and it is pouring down.

42.00: Jordan Smiler comes on for Rory Arnold.

43.00: Robbie Coleman tries to clear the pressure for the Brumbies and puts the ball into touch but the Rebels take a quick line out and kick it back.

44.00:Coleman kicks it back and Debreczeni puts in a great touch finder.

45.00: Ita Vaea comes on for Jarrad Butler.

46.00: Penalty to the Rebels after a line out and maul drive for offside following a box kick. Harris lines up the posts.

47.00: Harris takes the shot and the wind catches it and he misses.

48.00: Jordy Reid comes on for Scott Fuglistaller. Its still pouring down.

52.00: Stirzaker makes another break and has to chip ahead. The Brumbies get back and kick upfield which gives the ball back to the Rebels. They kick ahead but the ball goes dead.

55.00: The Brumbies get a rare attacking opportunity with a line in the Rebels half with a line out. They win the line out and run at the Rebels. The ball pops up from a tackle and the Rebels attack and then kick and chase. The Brumbies get back and take the ball into touch.

61.00: The Brumbies put the Rebels under pressure in their 22. They go for the line but are short. They keep the ball alive and go through 7 phases but Ita Vaea is stopped short too. Penalty to the Brumbies. They choose to kick for posts.

63.00: Lealiifano takes the penalty kick and nails it. Scott Higginbotham comes off.

66.00: Penalty to the Rebels around 52 meters out. They will kick for posts. Jack Debreczeni takes the shot but misses. Distance was more than enough.

70.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. Lealiifano finds touch. The Brumbies win the line out and use the maul. They move the ball out to the backs and run at the Rebels.

73.00: Penalty to the Brumbies in the Rebels half but out of the 22. They kick for touch.

75.00: The Brumbies win the line out and use the maul. They drive for the line and the Rebels backs come in to help defend. The Brumbies go wide and the Rebels back their defence and win a penalty. They kick for touch.

77.00: The Brumbies have a scrum on the half way line. The scrum disintegrates but the Brumbies come away with the ball.

80.00: The Rebels hold on for the victory and kick the ball out. The Rebels have won.

The full time score is Brumbies 8 (5) Rebels 13 (13)


Tries – H.Speight
Pen – C.Lealiifano
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – S.Naivalu
Pen – M.Harris 2
Con – M.Harris
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 1:James Leckie
Assistant Ref 2:Fredrico Anselmi
TMO : George Ayoub



1. JP Smith , 2. Stephen Moore (c) , 3. Ben Alexander , 4. Rory Arnold , 5. Sam Carter , 6. Scott Fardy , 7. David Pocock , 8. Jarrad Butler , 9. Michael Dowsett , 10. Christian Lealiifano , 11. Joe Tomane , 12. Nigel Ah Wong , 13. Henry Speight , 14. Lausii Taliauli , 15. Robbie Coleman

Replacements , 16. Josh Mann-Rea , 17. Allan Alaalatoa , 18. Ruan Smith , 19. Blake Enever , 20. Ita Vaea , 21. Jordan Smiler , 22.Joe Powell, 23. Rodney Iona


1. Toby Smith ,2. Pat Leafa ,3. Paul Alo-Emile ,4. Luke Jones,5. Lopeti Timani ,6. Sean McMahon ,7. Scott Fuglistaller,8. Scott Higginbotham ,9. Nic Stirzaker ,10. Jack Debreczeni ,11. Sefanaia Naivalu ,12. Mitch Inman,13. Tamati Ellison ,14. Tom English ,15. Mike Harris

Replacements:16. Tom Sexton ,17. Cruze Ah-Nau ,18. Tim Metcher *,19. Cadeyrn Neville ,20. Colby Fainga’a ,21. Jordy Reid ,22. Luke Burgess ,23. Bryce Hegarty

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