Rennie slams SANZAR for letting Cheika off

Chiefs coach Dave Rennie is happy with his squad

Chiefs coach Dave Rennie has slammed Super Rugby’s ruling body SANZAR for theior handling of Michael Cheika talking to a match referee at half time.

SANZAR’s rules state that coaches may not speak to match officials during matches and Cheika entered the the referees’ room to talk to Jaco Peyper at half time against the Blues.

Cheika was already on a warning and suspended sentence for abusing a camera man in Durban last year but was let off with a warning.

Rennie says that making contact with match officials is illegal and SANZAR should have cracked down on it.

“I’m really shocked by it to be honest, because it’s opened up a can of worms,” Rennie told RadioSport.

“I think they’d be smarter to say, ‘you can’t talk to the referee at half-time. If you want to go through the referee, you’ve got to go through your captain’.”

Rennie says that other coaches will now want to contact referees at half time as they they know SANZAR won’t act.

“I just don’t want us to be disadvantaged, so if the other coach is going to talk to him, I want to be in the room listening to what’s said and have our say as well.

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