Cane : Chiefs are not happy with being second

Chiefs and All Blacks flanker Sam Cane says that they are not happy with being second in the New Zealand Super Rugby Conference.

The Chiefs are second in the New Zealand Conference and fourth overall but they do have the second highest number of points on 28 and are just three behind the unbeaten Hurricanes who have 31.

The Chiefs have played eight matches and won six while the Hurricanes have played seven and won all seven.

While the Chiefs are in a strong position Cane has revealed that they are angry about their losses to the Highlanders and the Sharks.

Cane said that there is no doubt that they missed a chance to be going into their bye as an unbeaten team.

The Chiefs lost 17-20 to the Highlanders and 12-11 to the Sharks so they were both near losses which is why they are feeling frustrated.

“If you stop and think about it that’s two games that we really should have won,” Cane told RadioSport.

“You can say that about a lot of losses but it would be nice to be sitting 8 and 0.”

Cane says that he is reveling in getting extra game time this and especially being able to get so many starts and says that it has changed his mindset and made him more positive.

“Coach has been giving me good feedback, and I’m enjoying the extra minutes and trying to improve each week.”

Cane does however admit that his body needs the break that will come with the bye this week.

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