McCaw to finish rugby career in New Zealand

All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has ruled out finishing his career in Europe after the Rugby World Cup and says he is focused on this year’s Super Rugby season.

McCaw has been linked to a number of French Rugby clubs for next season but the All Black skipper says that he has he hasn’t even decided on whether he will hang up his boots after the world cup.

Speaking at Crusaders training on Thursday McCaw said that he has always said he does not want to end his playing career outside of New Zealand and nothing his changed his view on this.

“Honestly, I haven’t made any final decisions but probably the likelihood is I’m not going to be playing next year,” said McCaw on the All Black site.

“But I don’t want to be getting carried away now talking about those sorts of things when I am focusing about playing.

“I want to really enjoy this year but, as I say, that’s the likelihood and I don’t want to make any big announcements because I don’t think that would be right going into a season.”

The All Black captain says he is not putting a deadline on his decision as it won’t change anything and he doesn’t think it will be necessary.

When asked why McCaw would be turning down some significant payments for playing overseas he says that it is a case of asking himself why he played the game?

“Everyone is motivated a bit differently and I’ve always said that is not the No.1 motivation. Obviously, it is nice to play and get well looked after because of that but I’ve always said that if I was enjoying it and wanted to carry on playing then I would play here.

“If I’m not enjoying it and decide I’ve got to go off just play to earn some cash I think that would be pretty tough,” he said.

McCaw said that the thought of playing abroad for a big paying contract has pricked his interest at times but he wanted to stay true to himself and what he enjoyed. He added that he does not begrudge players who make different choices.

For now McCaw says he is focused on playing Super Rugby for the Crusaders and that he is feeling fine.

“When you’re feeling good and excited about contributing, that’s why you play the game and that’s why you hesitate talking about what is happening down the track. “

“I want to enjoy now and I think as you get older you do really focus on what you can do in the next game and the next campaign,” he said.

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