French medical report reveals injury findings

French rugby’s medical chief Jean-Claude Peyrin has revealed a shocking report investigating the time in a game when injuries are suffered.

In findings published by the national rugby league (LNR) on Wednesday based on 1,200 injuries suffered by 650 professional rugby players in France, the LNR medical commission noted that forwards suffered the most with 57.6 percent of injuries.

The most telling statistic stated that 33% of injuries occurred in the third quarter of a match bringing into question the length of half time intervals.

“We noted that these injuries often occurred at a particular time, in the third-quarter of the match, that’s to say, just after half-time,” said Peyrin

“That means that we’ll have to have a think about the length of half-time,” Peyrin said.

“We can think about shortening it so the players avoid getting cold or lengthening it so they can warm up again.”

Further to this it was revealed that loose-head props were most prone to game-time injuries, as a result of multiple phase play.

The study, which as of yet is unfinished will go on to include 2000 injuries, shows that 28% of the injuries occur during training sessions.

“That could signify that these sessions are ill-timed in the week or that the players are not properly warmed up,” said Peyrin.

The final results showed that despite the origin of the injury 90% of players return to action within two months.


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