Waratahs beat Crusaders in Sydney

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Waratahs and the Crusaders the Christchurch based Crusaders have won all five.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The Crusaders are out. Michael Hooper leads the Waratahs out. Here we go !!

0.01: Bernard Foley kicks off and we are underway !

The ball goes straight to the Crusaders who kick it out. The Waratahs win the line out get the ball straight into the Crusaders 22.

2.00: The Waratahs win a penalty so Foley will kick for posts.

2.26: Foley slots the penalty and the Waratahs lead.

The Waratahs go on the attack. They use the cut out pass and Foley is out on the wing and open. He is caught but he recycles the ball and the Waratahs get the ball out on the other side and Adam Ashley-Cooper slices through the Crusaders at pace and goes over for the opening TRY!

5.00: Foley misses the conversion. The Waratahs speed and width has shocked the Crusaders. 87% Possession to the Waratahs.

7.00:The Waratahs are running everything. The Crusaders can only defend until the Tahs knock on.

8.00: The Crusaders win a scrum and make a little ground but they too knock on. The Waratahs play on but then the Crusaders infringe and the Waratahs have another penalty.

10.00: Foley takes the penalty shot , slots and also passes Christian Lealiffano’s points record for a season.

11.00: The Crusaders get some rare attacking ball but the ball gets taken into touch. The Waratahs win the line out and kick for touch. The ball goes out and Nadolo takes the quick line out. Penalty to the Crusaders for an early tackle. Slade kicks for touch.

13.00: The Crusaders win the line out but lose the ball. The Waratahs scramble to get the ball but the Crusaders give a penalty away trying to get control of the ball back.

14.00: Bernard Foley lines up for his third penalty. He nails it. A point a minute so far.

16.00: Time in opposition half.  Waratahs 61%. The Crusaders have a run but get pushed into touch. The Waratahs win the line out but then the Crusaders turn the ball over. They get the ball wide to Nadolo but Rob Horne stops him.

17.00: The Crusaders keep the ball alive and Kieran Read slips a  pass out to Matt Todd who runs half the field beats one and scores. TRY!

19.00: Dan Carter slots the conversion. Palu goes off for a concussion test.

21.00: Penalty to the Waratahs for a player leaving his feet. Kieran Read has a word with Craig Joubert. Foley will take the shot. He nails it.

23.00: Penalty to the Crusaders near the half way line. They kick for touch.

24.00: The Crusaders win the line out and use the maul. They get almost to the 22m line and go to the backs. At the first tackle Michael Hooper concedes a penalty almost in front of the posts. Slade takes the penalty kick as Carter just took a knock in the tackle.

25.00: Slade takes the kick and nails it.

28.00: Alofa Alofa has a run down the wing but is caught and taken out. Andy Ellis has taken a knock and Dan Carter is limping. Ellis gets some help from the medics which pauses the game.

29.00: The Waratahs win the line out and attack. They lose the ball and Nadolo chips it into touch. We go back for the knock on.

30.00: Huge moment. Dan Carter limps off and Tom Taylor comes on.

31.00: The Waratahs continue with their rolling forward attack. As they get to the 22m line they go over and concede a penalty. The Crusaders kick for touch.

34.00: The Crusaders win two quick penalties and the second is in front of the posts and was for Dominic Bird being taken out in the air. Slade takes the shot and nails it. The Crusaders are growing.

36.00: The Waratahs win a penalty back. Foley lines up and takes the shot. He nails it.

39.00: There is some kicking, rucking and counter rucking from both sides. The Waratahs w

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