Waratahs v Crusaders Super Rugby Final Preview

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Waratahs and the Crusaders
the Christchurch based Crusaders have won all five.

The Crusaders have not only won the last five matches as the last 11 matches
have all been won by the Crusaders including the 2005 and the 2008 Super Rugby

In both of those Super Rugby finals the Crusaders had home advantage as the
matches were played in Christchurch.

It could be a case of third time lucky for the Waratahs as this will be their
third final but their first at home. We say at home but it won’t be played at
the Waratahs traditional home as they have chosen to move the final from the
Sydney Football Stadium to the ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park.

At the Sydney Football Stadium this year the Waratahs have gone unbeaten so
by moving the match to a different venue will have the effect of diluting their
home advantage a little.

Overall the Waratahs have played the Crusaders 20 times in Super Rugby since
1996 and the Waratahs have won just four matches. That gives them a record of
winning 20% of their matches against the Crusaders.

The average score when the Waratahs play the Crusaders is : Waratahs 21 Crusaders

This week the match will be played in Sydney where the teams have met 8 times
since 1997 and the Waratahs have won 3 matches and lost five matches.

That gives the Waratahs a record of winning 38% of their home matches against
the Crusaders at home. The average score when the Waratahs play the Crusaders
is Waratahs 27 Crusaders 28.

In Super Rugby finals the Waratahs have played the Crusaders twice and the
Crusaders have won both. The average score when the Waratahs play the Crusaders
is Waratahs 19 Crusaders 28.

Both teams have retained the teams that won their semi-finals so they are unchanged
this week.

In terms of form the Waratahs have won their last eight Super Rugby matches
and in 2014 they are unbeaten at home.

The Crusaders have won their last three matches. They have played 9 matches
at home and won 67% of them or 6 matches. The Crusaders have played 8 matches
away from home and won 6 or 75% of their away matches.

Ordinarily home advantage is crucial in Super Rugby but this year the Crusaders
have performed better away from home. Couple this with the Waratahs moving their
match to their non-traditional home venue and you have a recipe for an upset.

The Bookies
have given the Waratahs a 2 point start
for this Match
– with
an offer of a FREE $250.00 Bet.
The Waratahs have a pretty shocking
history against the Crusaders which cannot be ignored. The 2014 Waratahs have
been a revelation and have broken countless records. They are clearly a different
side to the Waratahs of old and while they impressed last week they don’t have
a wealth of experience in finals like the Crusaders do. The Crusaders
should edge this by 1.

This Match will be shown on TV in NZ, Aus, SA and in
the UK on Sky Sports 1HD.

Average score: Waratahs 21 Crusaders 30

Last five results
31 May 2013 Waratahs v Crusaders 22-23 Christchurch
29 Apr 2012 Waratahs v Crusaders 33-37 Sydney
04 Mar 2011 Waratahs v Crusaders 18-33 Nelson
10 Apr 2010 Waratahs v Crusaders 13-20 Christchurch
21 Mar 2009 Waratahs v Crusaders 13-17 Sydney
31 May 2008 Final Waratahs v Crusaders 12-20
21 Mar 2008 Waratahs v Crus

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