Sharks beat Highlanders in Durban

The Sharks and the Highlanders have already played each other in Super Rugby this year and the Highlanders won the first match by 16 points

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Sharks kick off and we are underway.

The Sharks win an early penalty for slowing the ball down.

2.00: Frans Steyn takes the penalty kick and nails it.

5.00: Penalty from the scrum to the Sharks. Steyn kicks for touch.

7.00: The Highlanders come away with the ball after the line out and attack down the wing but then they knock on. Sharks scrum.

8.00: The Sharks win the scrum and kick for touch. The ball goes to Richard Buckman who runs at the Sharks. The Sharks stop him and turn the ball over and then kick for touch.

10.00: The Sharks win the line out but then they lose the ball at the breakdown.

11.00: The Sharks put in a huge scrum which wins them the ball. They roll forward and win a penalty for hands in the ruck. Steyn kicks for the corner. 5m lineout.

12.00: The Sharks win the line out and they use the maul, drive over the line and Marcell Coetzee scores. TRY!

14.00: Steyn takes the conversion kick and nails it.

15.00: The Sharks steal the ball at the breakdown and JP Pietersen and S’bura Sithole combine down the wing. The Highlanders however intercept, force them into touch and stop the try. The Highlanders line out is not straight so we have a scrum.

17.00: The Sharks win the scrum and work the ball to the line and then over. Jannie du Plessis may have scored but we go to the TMO. Replay shows a knock on but they ignore that and rule double movement. No try. The Highlanders clear the ball.

18.00: The Highlanders win the line out and Buckman and Aaron Smith attack down the wing. They are caught and pass to Lima Sopoaga who passes but the ball is intercepted. The Sharks clear the ball.

20.00: The Sharks win a penalty and Steyn kicks for touch.

22.00: The Highlanders are starting to find their game. They get the ball down to the Sharks 22 through a little break out but then at the 5m line they knock on.

24.00: The Sharks win a penalty from the scrum and they kick for touch. They lose the line out but then the Refs Assistant comes in as the Sharks are caught offside. They stick with the penalty. Sopoaga will kick for posts.

25.00:Sopoaga nails the kick and the Highlanders are on the board.

27.00: After the restart SP Marais goes for a drop goal and its a shocker ….BUT it turns out to be a great grubber which finds touch. the Highlanders win the line out and clear the ball.

28.00: Penalty to the Sharks after the line out for illegally defending the ball. Steyn kicks for posts and nails it.

30.00: The Highlanders break out on the half way line after a line out and Malakai Fekitoa slices through the Sharks and races for the line to score. TRY!

32.00: Lima Sopoaga takes the conversion kick and nails it.

35.00; Penalty to the Sharks. Steyn lines up for the kick and hits the post.

37.00: The Highlanders put the Sharks under a little pressure in their half but then they turn the ball over and kick the ball clear.

38.00: The Highlanders win a penalty and Aaron Smith runs it. The Highlanders make some ground but Malakai Fekitoa gets tackled and is ruled to have not released the ball. Penalty to the Sharks. They kick for touch.

40.00: The Sharks win the line out and the siren sounds. The Highlanders win a penalty so they run the ball.

41.00: A maul forms on the half way line after some attack by the Highlanders. They keep the ball alive and stretch the Sharks and Kane Hames goes over to score. TRY !

42.00: The Highlanders lead. Sopoaga takes the conversion kick and nails it.

The half time score was Sharks 13 Highlanders 17


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