Western Force beat Queensland Reds in Perth

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Western Force and the Queensland Reds the Perth based Western Force have won three matches and the Reds two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Force kick off and we are underway.

2.00: The Force are lightly testing the Reds in their half but the Reds are defending well.

3.00: The Reds use a high ball and the Force knock on. Scrum for the Reds near the half way line.

4.00: The Reds win the scrum and kick for touch to get into the Force’s half for the first time.

5.00: The Force win the line out but its a mess and the ball goes dead. The Reds get a penalty on the Force’s 22 line.

7.00: Mike Harris slots the penalty and the Reds lead.

9.00: The Force go through 14 phases as they work the ball up and into the Reds 22. The ball slows and they recycle and then pop the ball out to Nick Cummins who goes over to score in the corner. TRY!

10.00: Jayden Hayward slots the conversion.

12.00: Penalty to the Force. James Horwill gets a team warning for the Reds. Next infringement will be a card.

14.00: Hayward takes his time and slots the conversion.

18.00: The Force are finding holes in the Reds defence. They slice open the Reds down the wing as Chris Tuatara-Morrison, Nick Cummins, Sam Wykes and Ben McCalman combine. McCalman gets tackled as he goes over and rolls in the tackle. The TMO checks the grounding and the TRY is awarded.

19.00: Hayward slots the conversion.

24.00: The game has slowed. The Force are maintaining possession but it’s slow and steady.

27.00: The Force go on the attack in the Reds 22. They get to the 5m line after 8 phases. Cummins almost gets through but is stopped.

28.00: The Reds sustain the pressure and they win a penalty. The TMO is called in for a foul play review. Hugh McMeniman is yellow carded for a dangerous play (a knee on Ben Lucas). The Reds kick for touch but don’t find it so the Force play on.

32.00: The Reds get some possession and work the ball up to their own 22m line. They pass the ball back to Harris who kicks upfield. The Force kick it back and then Harris makes the mark.

33.00: Harris kicks for touch and sets up a line out on the half way line. The Reds win the line out and attack down the far wing. However the Force stop them and turn the ball over.

36.00: The Reds get the ball into the Force’s half and then Samu Kerevi slips through a tackle and races for the line and scores. TRY!

37.00: Harris takes the conversion and nails it.

39.00: The Reds are starting to show some signs of an uplift. The Force are back to 15 players.

40.04; The Siren goes for half time. It’s half time but Ben Lucas and Hugh McMcmeniman have a go at each other and then it dies down.

The half time score is Force 17 Reds 10

The Reds kick off and we are underway with the second half.

42.00: Nick Frisbee takes a knock so he comes off for a concussion test. Scott Gale comes on to make his debut.

43.00: The Force win a penalty for collapsing. They will kick for posts.

44.00: Jayden Hayward takes the kick but misses.  

48.00: Nick Cummins has a short run for the Force which excites the crowd. The Force then win a penalty. Hayward will kick. Nic Frisbee has passed the concussion test and comes back on.

49.00: Hayward takes the penalty kick and misses this one too.

51.00: The Force win another penalty but before they can take it the touchie comes in with a TMO report. Replays show Pek Cowan on Rob Simmons but there is not a lot in it. We go back for the penalty for a high tackle by Jake Schatz on Jayden Hayward.

52.00: Hayward takes the penalty kick and this one he nails.

55.00: The Reds get the ball into the Force’s 22. They get the ball to Kerev

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