Lions beat Melbourne Rebels in Johannesburg

The Lions and the Rebels have only met each other once in Super Rugby since the Melbourne side joined Super Rugby in 2011.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

1.00: The Lions win the scrum and charge for the line. They are stopped so they move the ball wide and Anthony Volmink scores. TRY!

2.00: Marnitz Boshoff takes the conversion kick and misses.

4.00: The Rebels knock on again after the restart giving the Lions a scrum. They win the scrum and kick the ball downfield. The ball goes out.

5.00: The Lions win the line out and drive for the line. They get the advantage and then the penalty. They kick for touch.

6.00: The Lions win the line out but the Rebels defend the maul and then press the Lions back out of their 22.

7.00: The Lions get away with a not straight line out and are then awarded a penalty.

8.00: Boshoff takes the penalty kick and nails it.

10.00: Redelinghuys comes off for the Lions as a blood replacement.

11.00: The Rebels break out and race down the wing. Higginbotham dives for the corner but replays show his foot was in touch. No try. The Lions clear the ball from the line out.

12.00: The Lions win the put in from the scrum after some pressure from the Rebels. The ball however went dead.

16.00: The Rebels are trying to get into the game but the Lions are keeping them out.

18.00: Penalty to the Lions They kick for touch.

19.00: The Lions win the line out and set up a maul. They drive for the line but it splinters so they go wide. Stokkies Hanekom races to gather a ball that had been chipped ahead but he knocks the ball on. No try.

20.00: The Rebels catch the Lions off-guard after they win a penalty. They take the quick tap and Higginbotham sends the ball out to Tom English on the wing and he races in to score. TRY!

22.00: Jack Debreczeni slots the conversion.

24.00: The Rebels continue to attack the Lions. English makes another break and the Rebels get into the Lions 22. They go through 9 phases but the Lions hold them out and after the ball goes dead the Lions get a scrum.

26.00: The Rebels then win a penalty from the scrum so they will kick for posts.

27.00: Debreczeni takes the penalty shot from in front but he misses.  

29.00: Penalty to the Lions from the breakdown as the Rebels go off their feet.

30.00: Boshoff takes the conversion kick and just gets it in.

31.00: There is a break in play for an injury. The game then resumes with a scrum which has to be reset.

33.00: The Rebels win the scrum and work the ball into the Lions 22. They go through 8 phases and get to 10m out. They had an advantage so the Rebels get a penalty while the Lions get a warning.

34.00: Debreczeni will kick for posts. He takes the shot and nails this one.

36.00: Things are starting to happen for the Rebels. They are trying things and making ground but then some little errors are costing them. This time its a knock on.

37.00; Penalty to the Lions for not rolling away. Boshoff nails the penalty.

39.00: The Rebels have the ball on the attack. They chip through but it goes straight to the Lions backs who attack. The Rebels defend and then push the Lions wide and a poor pass to Mapoe forces a knock on.

40.29: The siren sounds as the Rebels win a scrum. They move the ball wide and it changes hands a couple of times and then the ball goes dead.

It’s half time.

The half time score is Lions 14 Rebels 10

The Rebels kick off and we are underway with the second half.

43.00: The Rebels are slowly chipping away at the Lions. They get over the half way line but then the Lions win a penalty.

45.00: Boshoff takes the kick but misses.

47.00: The Lions try to run the ball but then chip the ball

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