Hurricanes beat Crusaders in Wellington

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Hurricanes and the Crusaders the Hurricanes have won three and the Crusaders two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Hurricanes kick off and we are underway.

1.00: Both teams test each other with the boot and the Crusaders are caught offside so the Hurricanes have a penalty. Beauden Barrett will kick for posts.

2.00: Barrett takes the shot but misses. To the left.

4.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. They kick for touch. The Crusaders win the line out and start the attack about 20m out.

5.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes 5m out. Barrett kicks for touch.

6.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and move the ball to the other side. Barrett chips ahead and the ball goes to Tom Taylor who kicks the ball back and it goes straight out.

7.00:  Jack Lam comes on for Victor Vito as injury replacement. The Hurricanes win the line out and attack. The Crusaders stop the attack and Matt Todd is yellow carded for a professional foul. The Hurricanes have also lost Alapati Leiua to injury now and Hadleigh Parkes comes on.

8.00:Barrett takes the penalty kick and nails it. The Hurricanes lead.

11.00: Penalty to the Crusaders for not releasing. Colin Slade takes the kick and nails it to level the scores.

14.00: The Hurricanes are constantly probing the Crusaders defence. They go through the phases testing them all the time and then Dane Coles passes low to TJ Perenara who knocks on.

15.00: The Crusaders scrum is a mess so the Hurricanes get the put in at the reset.

16.00: Possession 46% to the Hurricanes and territory is 60%. The Hurricanes win the scrum and work the ball forward but then about 10m out the ball goes dead. Hurricanes scrum.

18.00: The Crusaders try to clear the ball but the kick is charged down by Beauden Barrett, he chases the ball but it bounces over him as he slides into touch. The TMO has a look to decide if he was in or out when he last touched it. 22 Drop out as Barrett took it out.

19.00: The Crusader fumble a pass and Colin Slade gets back and manages to get the ball away with four players on him. The Crusaders kick the ball away and it goes to Savea who charges to the line and is then stopped. The Hurricanes go over the line in support but then we are called back for a knock on.

21.00: After the scrum the Crusaders win a penalty for offside so they kick for touch.

22.00: TJ Perenara chips ahead and the Crusaders fail to gather the ball. Jordan Taufua is caught offside so the Hurricanes have a penalty. Barrett takes the kick and nails it.

25.00: Free kick to the Crusaders. They kick for touch but they don’t find it. Barrett gets the ball and tries to run but is stopped. The Hurricanes keep the ball alive until the Crusaders turn the ball over and attack near the half way line.

27.00: Fonotia chips ahead. The ball goes to Juilian Savea who kicks and chases. The Crusaders have to scramble but the Hurricanes turn the ball over and they spread the ball wide and Blade Thomson goes to score in the corner.

28.00; Barrett’s conversion goes wide.

30.00: The Crusaders kick for touch and find it but the Hurricanes take the quick line out and then run the ball. Barrett makes ground and then kicks ahead and the ball goes out in the Crusaders half.

31.00: The Crusaders win the line out and kick upfield again. This time Savea kicks the ball into touch.

33.00: The Hurricanes are playing with much more enthusiasm than the Crusaders. They are gradually working the ball forward and going the phases. However the Hurricanes concede a penalty. A fight breaks out and everyone decides to have a say. Nothing comes of the fight so Slade takes the kick and fails to find touch. The ball goes to Savea who attacks.

34.00: The Hurricanes keep the ball alive until the C

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