Waratahs beat Chiefs in New Plymouth

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Hamilton based Chiefs and the Sydney based Waratahs the Sydney side have won four and the Chiefs one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Aaron Cruden kicks off and we are underway. The Chiefs knock on straight away so we have a scrum.

1.00: The Waratahs win the scrum and look to run the ball early. They concede a penalty so the Chiefs will have a kick for posts.

2.00: Aaron Cruden takes the kick and nails it. The Chiefs lead.

4.00: Both teams suffer some early handling errors but they both look like they want to run.

6.00: The Chiefs concede a penalty for hands in the ruck so the Waratahs kick for touch.

8.00: The Waratahs win another penalty so Bernard Foley takes the kick and nails it to level the scores.

12.00: The Waratahs gradually press the Chiefs back in their half by going through phase after phase on attack. Phipps slips through a gap on the Chiefs 22 and passes to Alofa Alofa who goes over in the corner. We go to the TMO to check. No try as a player was held in the run up. Penalty Chiefs.

13.00: Aaron Cruden kicks for touch and sets up a line out on the half way line. The Chiefs win the line out and start their attack just inside the Waratahs half.

14.00 The Waratahs turn the ball over and start going through the phases again. Adam Ashley-Cooper slips off a tackle and passes to Israel Folau who races in to score in the corner. The TMO will check. All is good. TRY!

15.00: Bernard Foley takes the conversion kick and nails it.

18.00: The Waratahs are looking strong in attack. The Chiefs are having to do a lot of defending.

20.00: The Chiefs go on the attack and make about 20m. The Waratahs turn the ball over and attack and they instantly make about 35m. The Waratahs concede a penalty so Cruden kicks for touch but doesn’t find it.

22.00: Adam Ashley-Cooper slips off another tackle and chips ahead. The Waratahs get to about 10m out but then there is a knock on. Nathan Harris comes off for a concussion check and Mahonri Schwalger comes on.

23.00: The Waratahs win a penalty from the scrum. They choose another scrum.

24.00: Another penalty to the Waratahs. This one is for not rolling away. This time they kick for touch and the line out.

25.00:The Waratahs win the line out and then a penalty. Foley kicks for posts. He nails it. Harris has passed his concussion test.

29.00: Ben Tameifuna puts in a huge tackle on Michael Hooper but Hooper appears to come off better. The Waratahs then concede a penalty. The Chiefs run the ball and Dwayne Sweeney makes a break and the Chiefs get into the Waratahs half. They knock on.

35.00:62% territory and 64% possession to the Waratahs. The Waratahs win a scrum and attack with the ball on the Chiefs 22m line. The Chiefs turn the ball over and start their attack from deep.

36.00: The Chiefs get the ball into the Waratahs half with a kick but Folau fumbles it on the ground.

38.00: Matt Symons comes off injured and is replaced by Michael Fitzgerald. The Chiefs win a scrum in the Waratahs half. They work the ball into the Tahs 22.

40.00: The Chiefs rumble the ball closer and closer to the Waratahs line but they knock on and it’s half time.

The half time score was Chiefs 3 Waratahs 13

Bernard Foley kicks off and we are underway.

42.00: The Chiefs win an early penalty for joining the ruck incorrectly. The Waratahs had been on attack so Cruden kicks for touch and relieves some pressure.

45.00: Penalty to the Chiefs. Cruden takes the shot but hits the post and bounces out.

48.00: The Waratahs are still dominating the statistics and keeping the Chiefs under pressure in their half. They do however knock on so the Chiefs have a scrum on their 22 m

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