Western Force beat Lions in Perth

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Perth based Western Force and and the Johannesburg based Lions the Force have won all five.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Force kick off and we are underway.

2.00: It’s wet and rainy. The Force win the first penalty. Sias Ebersohn takes the kick and nails it. The Force lead.

4.00: The Lions win a penalty back so Marnitz Boshoff takes the kick and it hits the posts and goes in off. The scores are level.

7.00: The Force’s front row gets a verbal warning from referee Steve Walsh.The scrum has to be reset a couple of times.

10.00: The Force win a scrum. They run the ball but it gets messy when  they get wide and the ball goes out.

11.00: The Lions win the line out and run the ball. The Force however turn the ball over and run at the Lions. The Force win a penalty and the Lions get a warning for being offside.

12.00: Ebersohn takes the penalty kick but misses.

17.00: The Lions build up their attack in the Force’s half. They get into the Force’s 22 and they win a penalty. Boshoff will kick.

18.00: Boshoff takes the kick and nails it. The Lions lead.

21.00: The Force kick and Nick Cummins chases but the Lions get back to secure the ball.

27.00:Penalty to the Lions. Boshoff lines up the kick and nails it again.

32.00: The Force build their attack in the Lions half. They go wide to Cummins who gets them into the Lions 22. The ball slows and the Force get the put in for the scrum.

34.00:The Force win the scrum and send wave after wave of attack at the Lions tryline. The whistle goes for a penalty and then the game is paused as Nathan Charles has suffered a head knock and looks to be out. There is a yellow card for a shoulder charge on recommendation from the TMO for Corne Fourie. The Force choose the scrum.

35.00: The Force win the scrum and they drive for the line. Matt Hodgson snipes down the side of the pack and scores. TRY!

36.00: Ebersohn slots the conversion.

37.00: The Force have really upped the attack. Cummins slips through and makes huge ground for the Force. Ebersohn comes up in support and goes over the line. There are bodies everywhere so we go to the TMO to check if he grounded it. Held up. 5m scrum.

38.00: The Force win the scrum. McCalman goes for the line but he is shot. The Force recycle and go wide and this time Jayden Hayward slips over and scores. TRY!

39.00: Ebersohn takes the conversion from outwide and slices it. It’s a horror.

It’s half time.

The  half time score was Force 15 Lions 9

The Lions kick off and the second half is underway.

42.00: The Force make a solid start going through 10 phases make small amounts of ground each time.

43.00: Ebersohn kicks the ball upfield as he sees they have the advantage. The Force get a penalty so Ebersohn kicks for touch.

44.00: The Force win the line out and the forwards drive for the line. They are stopped at the line so they change sides and Nick Cummins goes over in the corner. We go to the TMO to check. No try. The Lions are back to 15.

46.00: The Force attack all over again but this time the Lions get the put in on their 22 when the ball goes dead.

50.00: The game is largely being played in the Lions half. The Force are probing the Lions defence from all sides.

52.00: The Force get the ball to the Lions 5m line. They do all of the work and then the Lions turn the ball over and kick it out.

54.00: The Force get a penalty so they kick for touch. The Force set up the maul and drive for the line. The Lions stop it and the Force go to the backs.

55.00: The Force attack the Lions tryline again and Hodgson gets close but there is a knock on. 5m scrum.

58.00: The Force win

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