Waratahs beat Rebels in Melbourne

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Melbourne Rebels and the New South Wales Waratahs the Sydney side have won four and lost one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Waratahs kick off and we are underway.

1.00: Early penalty to the Waratahs. Beale takes the kick but hits the posts.

2.00: The Rebels defence slips off and Bernard Foley almost gets through but is brought down 5m out and then he knocks on.

5.00: The Waratahs attack the Rebels in their 22. They send several waves of attack at the Rebels who concede a penalty. Foley lines up the kick and slots it. The Waratahs lead.

7.00: Penalty to the Rebels on the half way line. They kick for touch.

9.00: The Rebels try to attack but Alofa Alofa gets in the way of a pass and knocks on. The Waratahs then win a penalty so they kick for touch.

10.00: The Rebels win a line out. Rob Horne gets the ball on the inside pass and races for the line, he wrongfoots Jason Woodward and goes in to score. TRY!

11.00: Foley takes the conversion kick but misses.

13.00: Penalty to the Rebels for angling in at the scrum. Woodward will kick for posts.

14.00: Woodward lines up the shot and nails it.

16.00: The Rebels throw in at the line out is long and is taken by Nick Phipps who runs to the line but is stopped short. The Waratahs recycle and continue to attack the line.

18.00: The Rebels continue to hold the Waratahs out on their 5m line and they force the Tahs to knock on.

19.00: The Rebels win a scrum on their 5m line and they just manage to kick upfield. The ball goes to Israel Folau who runs at the Rebels.

20.00: Penalty to the Rebels inside their half. They kick for touch.

23.00: The Rebels win another penalty after the line out. Woodward takes the kick and slots it.

24.00: The Rebels attack down the wing but Beale goes for the intercept/connects with the ball and concedes the penalty. Woodward will kick for posts again.

26.00: Woodward slots the penalty and the Rebels lead.

28.00: Penalty for not joining the ruck correctly to the Waratahs. Foley will take the shot. He nails it and the Waratahs lead again.

31.00: Penalty to the Rebels on the half way line from the breakdown. Woodward will kick for posts again.

32.00: Woodward’s kick is short so no change in the score.

35.00: Penalty on the half way line to the Waratahs. They kick for the corner and the line out. They win the line out and attack, they spread the ball wide and after several recycles Adam Ashley-Cooper scores. TRY!

37.00:Foley misses the conversion.

40.00: The hooter sounds for half time as the Waratahs are attacking. They work the ball from the half way line into the Rebels 22 and then they win a penalty – and Pat Leafa is yellow carded.

Foley lines up the kick and hits the upright – from in front. The ball bounces out and then after some play goes out.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Rebels 9 Waratahs 16

The Rebels kick off and the second half is underway.

43.00: The Rebels make a strong start to the second half. They work the ball up to the Waratahs line but then the ball slows and a scrum for the Waratahs is called.

44.00: The Rebels win a penalty from the scrum – they are still a man down – so Woodward will kick for posts.

45.00: Woodward takes the kick and slots it.

47.00: The Waratahs win a penalty inside the Rebels 22. Foley lines up the kick and nails it.

50.00: The Waratahs win a penalty from the scrum again on the half way line. Foley kicks for touch.

54.00: The Rebels have a scrum about 10m out. They put the ball in but then Michael Hooper pops up with the ball and races for the line and scores. TRY!

55.00: Foley takes the conversion kick&nbsp

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