Sharks beat Crusaders in Christchurch

This weekend’s Super Rugby match between the Crusaders and the Sharks is our match of the weekend and is one you don’t want to miss

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Crusaders kick off and we are underway.

1.00: Nemani Nadolo makes an early mistake for the Crusaders as he catches the ball and knocks it on. The Sharks have a scrum just inside the Crusaders half. For those interested Frans Steyn has shaved his moustache off.

2.00: The Sharks concede a penalty so Colin Slade kicks for touch.

4.00: The Crusaders handling is letting them down as they knock on for the third time. The Sharks have a scrum just inside their half.

5.00: The Sharks win a penalty from the scrum this time. The Sharks kick for touch.

6.00: The game is fairly loose with handling errors and no real structure.

8.00: Johnny McNicholl goes for the ball catches it and makes the mark. He kicks for touch. The Sharks win a line out and they pass the ball out to the backs, the Crusaders expect them to go wide fast but Steyns slips through a hole and passes out to S’bura Sithole who races away to score the first TRY!

9.00: Steyn adds the conversion. The Sharks lead.

11.00: The Crusaders win a penalty as Bismarck du Plessis takes Willi Heinz out without the ball and a little high. Colin Slade lines up for the kick but he misses this one.

12.00; Oh boy. This has opened up. The Sharks miss a high ball and Whitelock gets to it, he passes to Colin Slade who shoves off Frans Steyn and powers to the line taking two defenders over with him. TRY! One of the tacklers was Bismarck du Plessis.

14.00: Slade adds the conversion. The scores are level.

16.00: The game is help up for some foul play. We go to the TMO. Replays show Jean Deysel looking at a Crusaders player and stamping on his head. He clearly saw the player and has been red carded. He won’t be able to deny that he saw the player on the ground and he is off.

17.00: Slade adds the penalty.

20.00: The Crusaders work the ball into the Sharks 22. They go from side to side and get to the 5m line but the ball slows. Good defence from the Sharks. Scrum to the Sharks.

22.00: The Sharks win the scrum and try to run the ball out of their 22. They try to kick the ball out but it gets charged down.

23.00: The Sharks win the line out and Reinach kicks for touch but the ball goes to a Crusaders player. The Crusaders attack and then give away a penalty at the ruck. Steyn kicks for touch.

25.00: The Crusaders are in full attack mode. They have been in the Sharks 22 for almost 10 minutes. They just can’t get through. The Sharks turn the ball over and pass it back to Paul Jordaan who drops it in goal. 5m scrum.

27.00:The Sharks stop the Crusaders from clearing the ball at the scrum – effectively by knocking on so we have another scrum.

28.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and Slade kicks through. There is a mad chase from everyone and Crotty just knocks on as he goes to score the try. Sharks 5m scrum.

29.00: The Sharks scrum collapses so the Crusaders have a penalty. There is a bit of needle but it dies down. Slade slots the penalty.

32.00: The Sharks win a line out but as they try to move the ball down the line they pass the ball forward.

34.00: Possession is at 81% for the Crusaders. The Sharks are being pinned back in their half having to constantly defend.

35.00: The Crusaders have the ball and are attacking in the Sharks half. The ball is turned over illegally so the Crusaders have a penalty. Slade will kick.

36.00: Slade misses the penalty.

38.00: The Sharks have worked the ball into the Crusaders half. They use the maul and they win a penalty. A small fight breaks out again but dies down, The Sharks will kick for posts.

39.00: Frans Steyn takes the penalty kick and nails

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