White no fan of new ‘flawed’ Super Rugby format

Sharks Director of Rugby Jake White says that he does not like the new format for Super Rugby when the tournament expands to 18 teams in 2016.

SANZAR have announced a hugely confusing format in which there are uneven conference numbers and draws that will gift some teams easier routes to the play offs.

The former Springboks coach has picked holes in the 18 team format saying that it is flawed as the best teams won’t necessarily play against the best teasm.

“I’m not a fan of that system,” White told Auckland Now.

“I just sense there are so many things that could go right or wrong in the makeup of that group.”

The 20007 Rugby World Cup winning coach said that was concerned about mismatched games that could hinder a team’s progress.

White also said that he is worried that the crossover games between the groups will not result in a fair competition.

The new format will see the teams playing fewer home derbies and the players will have less travel but White says the draw has the potential to penalise the best teams.

“You could end up, in two years, getting the toughest draw and I don’t believe this competition should be determined by how your draw looks.

“It should be because you have got a good side. To be fair, the flaws that are in this system now are you could end up winning this competition because of the draw.”

White said that he understands what SANZAR were trying to do with the expansion of the tournament but that he would much rather see a pure tournament where every team plays every other team.

“My feeling in this case is that less would have been more. “

“Maybe I’m a bit old school but I remember a time when you played everybody and you tested yourself against the best.”

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