Force beat Cheetahs in Bloemfontein

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Cheetahs and the Western Force the Cheetahs have won three and the Western Force have won two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Force kick off and we are underway.

0.40:The Force put the Cheetahs under some early pressure and they kick the ball out.

1.00: The Cheetahs win the ball from their line out but they concede a penalty.

2.00: Sias Ebersohn will kick for posts. He nails it. The Force lead.

4.00: The Cheetah enjoy a couple of runs in Force territory but the handling is loose and the Force knock on.

6.00: The Cheetahs win a penalty from the scrum. Johan Goosen takes the kick but misses.

9.00: The Cheetahs go through 8 phases on attack in the Force’s half. The ball slows as they get to the Force’s 22. Oosthuizen gets through but we are called back for a penalty to the Cheetahs.

10.00: Goosen lines up the penalty kick and nails it.

14.00: Matt Hodgson gets isolated and does not released the ball after a 5m line out and he concedes a penalty. The Cheetahs kick the ball out on the half way line.

16.00: Goosen tries to chip the ball ahead but it bounces off a  Force player or two. The Force run away with the ball and score a try. However the try is disallowed for accidental offside.

17.00: The Force break through the Cheetahs defence with a Nick Cummins break. The Force drive him over the line but get held up. 5m scrum.

18.00: Penalty to the Force for screwing the scrum.

19.00: The Force win another penalty. It’s in front of the posts so they will kick.

20.00: Ebersohn takes the kick and nails it. The Force lead.

23.00: The Force get the ball on the counter attack after Coenie Oosthuizen lost it and the Force show good hands as they run to the line and Jayden Hayward scores the first TRY!

24.00: Ebersohn slots the conversion.

29.00: The Cheetahs rumble the ball up to the Force’s line , Raymond Rhule gets close but then gets tackled under the posts. Sias Ebersohn has taken a knock and is down. He carries on.

30.00: The Cheetahs win a 5m line out and try to get over the line but the Force push them across the field and into touch. The Force win the line out but its not straight. Cheetahs 5m scrum.

31.00: The Force win a penalty from the scrum and kick for touch.

35.00: The Force have the ball in the Cheetahs half. They attack from side to side and then they get through and into the Cheetahs 22.

36.00: After 8 phases they get to the 5m line and have the advantage. They kick the ball away and get the penalty. Ebersohn will kick for posts.

37.00: Ebersohn slots the penalty to extend the lead.

39.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs. Goosen slots the kick and the siren sounds for half time.

Half time.

The half time score was Cheetahs 6 Force 16 

The Cheetahs kick off and the second half is underway.

42.00: The Cheetahs make a strong start by working the ball into the Force’s 22. They put the Force under pressure but then they run out of space and take the ball out.

44.00: The second half has been all Cheetahs attack so far. They are in the Force’s 22 and they try to go wide with a kick but Jayden Hayward gets the ball before the Cheetahs. There is some handbags and we go to the TMO to check for foul play. Matt Hodgson is shown a yellow card and the Cheetahs have a penalty. Matt Hodgson was held and fell on the ground as he was playing the ball so the call is harsh. Cheetahs kick for touch.

45.0: Cheetahs win the line out and attack. They go over the line. We go to the TMO to check the grounding. Boom Prinsloo TRY!

46.00: Goosen adds the conversion.

48.00: Ebersohn kicks for touch and finds it in the corner. Great kick.

51.00: The Cheeta

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