Highlanders beat Lions in Dunedin

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Highlanders and the Lions the Johannesburg based Lions have won three and the Highlanders two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Highlanders kick off and we are underway.

2.00: The Lions take the ball out after the kick off. The Highlanders win a line out and send the ball out to the wing and Richard Buckman shrugs off a tackle and scores the opening TRY in the corner. The TMO checks. It’s a TRY!

3.00: Hayden Parker’s conversion looks off but comes back in. It’s good.

5.00: The Lions work the ball into the Highlanders half. They get to about 30m out and Marnitz Boshoff goes for a drop goal but misses.

7.00: The Highlanders have the ball and they are going through the phases on attack in the Lions half. Jason Emery dabs the ball through but it goes into touch.  

9.00: Aaron Smith looking dangerous with several sniping runs. This time the Highlanders infringe (not releasing) so the Lions have a chance to clear the ball.

12.00: The Lions win a penalty but kick for touch. They win the line out and try the maul.

13.00: The maul makes some ground but then disintegrates and the Highlanders get the put in for the scrum.

15.00: Penalty to the Highlanders for not scrumming straight. They kick for touch.

17.00: There is a break in play as Josh Bekhuis has injured his knee in a tackle and has to be helped from the field. The game resumes.

20.00: The Highlanders attack in the Lions half again. Ben Smith makes a break but gets caught. John Hardy is injured and has to be replaced by Gareth Evans.

21.00: Penalty to the Highlanders in front but a fair way out for holding on. Parker lines up the kick and nails it.

25.00: Hayden Parker surprises the Lions by banging over a drop goal.

29.00:The Lions have the ball. They go through the phases but the Highlanders push them from side to side and they can’t get away from the half way line.

31.00: The Highlanders attack down the wing again but the Lions manage to get back after Buckman chipped and chased. 22 drop out.

32.00: The Highlanders make some ground into the Lions 22 but then they knock on. Lions scrum.

36.00: The Highlanders kick the ball upfeild. Out of nowhere Richard Buckman appears chasing the ball and beats two Lions defenders and scores. TRY! A double for Buckman.

38.00: Parker misses the conversion.

39.00: Aaron Smith and Ben Smith continue to find holes for the Highlanders. This time the Highlanders stretch the Lions and Gareth Evans goes in for the third Highlanders TRY!

40.00: Parker takes the conversion kick from the touchline and hits the post and bounces out.

It’s half time.

The half time score is Highlanders 23 Lions 0

The Lions kick off and the second half is underway.

42.00: The Lions get an almost perfect start and they work the ball up to the Highlanders try line and then Faf de Klerk goes over and scores. TRY! The Lions are on the board.

43.00: Marnitz Boshoff slots the conversion.

47.00: The Lions are playing like a different side this half. They work the ball into the Highlanders half and put them under pressure. They do however concede a penalty so the Highlanders clear the ball.

48.00: The Lions concede another penalty so the Highlanders kick for touch and the line out.

51.00: The Highlanders are coming back. They work the ball into the Lions 22 but then they concede a penalty.

54.00: There is a break in play as we look at replays of foul play from Chris King. The Lions get a penalty and Chris King gets a yellow card. The Lions kick for touch.

55.00: The Lions win the line out and work the ball to the Highlanders 5m line but the ball goes dead and the Highlanders have a 5m scrum.

60.00: Th

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