Stormers beat Highlanders in Cape Town

Out of the last five matches between the Stormers and the Highlanders the Cape Town based Stormers have won all five matches.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Stormers kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Stormers make a powerful start to the match by working the ball into the Highlanders 22. They go through 5 phases and get to the line. Groom goes over but its short.

1.38: The Stormers drive over again and Frans Malherbe scores. TRY!

2.00: Nasi Manu goes off – possibly for blood – as Kurt Coleman takes the conversion kick. The ball falls off the tee and he sets it up again. He nails the kick.

6.00: The Highlanders hit back. They work the ball down to the Stormers half and Aaron Smith spots a gap, chips and chases and gets the ball and scores. TRY!

8.00: Lima Sopoaga adds the conversion and the scores are level. Nasi Manu is back on too.

15.00: The Stormers attack the Highlanders in their 22 and get over the tryline but they are held up. We go back for a penalty in front of the posts.

17.00: The penalty kick is missed. Badly. The Highlanders counter and get the ball into the Stormers 22. The Stormers win a penalty at the line out as a “man was played in the air”.

20.00; The Stormers attack down the wing. Taute and Van Wyk combine and Taute goes over in the corner. The TMO checks to see if he grounded the ball. “No Clear grounding”. “Impossible to make a decision”, No try. 5m scrum.

24.00: Joe Wheeler gets some attention from the medics as does Lima Sopoaga. The game resumes.

25.00: The Stormers try to attack again in the far corner but the Highlanders push them into touch again. The Highlanders then win a penalty so they kick for touch.

27.00: Most of the game has been played in the Highlanders half. It’s almost entirely Stormers attack. After relentless attack the Stormers slip through and Malherbe goes in for his second TRY!

29.00: Coleman adds the conversion.

32.00: There is a hold up in the match as Nic Groom and Malakai Fekitoa get some help from the medics. The game resumes.

33.00: The Stormers win a line out and move the ball out to the backs. Juan de Jongh opens up some space and passes to Damian de Allende who scores. TRY!

34.00: Coleman misses the conversion.

36.00: The Highlanders hit back. They chip through again in the Stormers 22. Ben Smith kicks the ball in as he couldn’t get to it but Trent Renata does and scores. TRY!  

38.00: Sopoaga takes the conversion and nails it.

40.00: The siren goes for half time. It is half time.

The half time score was Stormers 19 Highlanders 14

The Highlanders kick off and we are underway.

41.00: The Stormers are awarded a penalty straight after the kick off. They kick for touch.

44.00: Damian de Allende makes a break down the wing and passes to Groom but he misses the ball.

47.00: The Stormers are awarded a penalty again and Coleman kicks for the corner.

48.00: The Stormers drive over the line and Oliver Kebble scores.Bonus point TRY!

49.00: Coleman adds the conversion.

51.0: The Highlanders work the ball into the Stormers 22. They lose the ball but regather it. They lose about 10 m but attack again and get back into the Stormers 22.

52.00: The Highlanders go through phase after phase and the Stormers manage to hold them out. We go back for a penalty when the ball goes dead. Scarra Ntubeni is yellow carded for synical play.

53.00: The Highlanders win the scrum and dab the ball through and Ben Smith scores. TRY !

54.00: Renata takes the conversion kick and nails it.

57.00: The Highlanders are using the extra man advantage perfectly. They attack the Stormers and Malakai Fekitoa slips through and scores. TRY! Bonus point try.

58.00: Re

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