Crusaders beat Chiefs in Hamilton

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the current champions the Chiefs and the Crusaders the Chiefs have won four and the Crusaders have won one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Chiefs kick off and we are underway. Anscombe kicks out on the full so we have a scrum on the half way line.

1.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and chip ahead. It hits a Chiefs player and the Crusaders get the ball back.

2.00: The Crusaders mount a short attack but the Chiefs turn the ball over and attack the Crusaders on the half way line. Anscombe boots the ball upfield.

3.00: A long phase of play which sees the ball changing sides several times briefly ends with a penalty to the Crusaders. Read takes it quickly but then the Chiefs concede another penalty. They will kick for posts.

4.00: Colin Slade takes the kick for posts and nails it. The Crusaders lead.

6.00: The Crusaders win their scrum but its scrappy. They manage to kick the ball upfield, and a short kicking contest follows which the Chiefs win.  

8.00: The Crusaders win the line out and start their attack but then we are called back for a knock on from Kerr Barlow.

9.00: Penalty to the Crusaders from the scrum. . Ben Tameifuna. Slade will kick for posts again.

10.00; Slade takes the kick from almost 39m out. He nails it.

11.00: A bit of push and shove breaks out which shows how much these teams want this. It dies down and the Chiefs have a penalty. It started with Retalick pushing Crockett.  Anscombe kicks for touch.

12.00: The Chiefs win their line out and then they win a penalty so Anscombe will have a kick for posts.

13.00: Anscombe takes the penalty kick and slots it. The Chiefs are on the board.

15.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. Colin Slade takes the kick and slots it.

18.00: Rain starts pouring down. It’s thick and heavy rain. The Chiefs win a line out but then they are caught offside so the Crusaders have a penalty. They kick for touch.

20.00: The rain seems to have slowed a little now. The Crusaders have the ball in the Chiefs 22. They go through 8 phases edging forward.

21.00: The Chiefs turn the ball over and kick upfield. Dagg chases – he does not look comfortable – but the ball finds the touch line. Tee Crusaders win the line out and they kick out upfield.

24.00: The Crusaders work the ball into the Chiefs 22 but then the Crusaders go off their feet so the Chiefs have a penalty. They kick for touch and Anscombe sends it to the Crusaders 22.

27.00:The Chiefs attack in the Crusaders 22. Liam Squire is flattened by Dominic Bird who is shown a yellow card for a no arms tackle.  Squire goes for a concussion test as Anscombe takes a penalty kick. He nails it.

30.00: The attrition rate in this is high. Read is down injured. Play continues and the Chiefs catch the Crusaders in their 22 and the Crusaders concede a penalty. Read comes off for concussion and so does Kerr Barlow – could also be a test.

31.00: Anscombe takes the penalty kick and levels the scores.  

33.00; Squire has failed the concussion test. The Chiefs move the ball down the line but Tom Marshall loses it forward. Kerr Barlow passed his concussion test.

35.00; The Crusaders win a scrum – with a man down – and kick for touch. The ball rolls out in the Chiefs 22.

35.00: The Chiefs line out is a mess but the Crusaders go offside. Penalty to the Chiefs. Anscombe kicks for touch. Kieran Read is staying off – failed the concussion test.

37.00: The Chiefs win a penalty in front of the posts. Anscombe takes the kick from 37m out. He nails it. The Chiefs lead for the first time. Bird is back on from the bin.

39.00: The Crusaders move the ball down the line but they lose it. They get back to gather the ball but the Chiefs have the advantage, they contin

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