Highlanders beat Rebels in Dunedin

The Highlanders and Melbourne Rebels kick off the 8th Round of Super Rugby this season and they will be playing each other for the fourth time.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Highlanders kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Highlanders make a strong start to the match. The Rebels almost get an intercept but Scott Higginbotham loses his footing. We have a break in play as Bryce Hegarty went high for a ball and fell awkwardly.

2.00: Hegarty comes off and goes for a concussion test and the game resumes with a scrum.

3.00: Penalty to the Rebels from the scrum. They kick for touch.

4.00: The Rebels win their line out and move the ball down the line. It gets to Tamati Ellison who chips the ball ahead but it goes out on the full.

5.00: The Rebels turn the ball over after the Highlanders line out and they attack on the Highlanders 22m line.

6.00: The Rebels go through the phases on attack, Stirzaker slips through and passes to Scott Fuglistaller who crashes over the for the opening TRY!

7.00: Jason Woodward adds the conversion and the Rebels lead.

11.00: Penalty to the Highlanders. Lima Sopoaga will take the kick. He nails it. That’s his 14th penalty is a row.

12.00: The Highlanders show some great ball handling skills as they go on the attack but Richard Buckman’s final pass to Aaron Smith goes forward so the try is disallowed. Rebels 5m scrum.

14.00: The Highlanders continue to attack and Sopoaga passes to Malakai Fekitoa who is just stopped short of the line but he gets the ball away to Shane Christie  who scores. TRY!

15.00: Sopoaga slots the conversion and the Highlander lead.

17.00: The Highlanders concede a penalty after the restart as Ben Smith gets isolated. Jason Woodward will take the penalty kick. He nails it and the scores are level.

20.00: The Highlanders continue to attack the Rebels. They get into the Rebels 22 and make steady ground. Aaron Smith gets the ball and fades to the left then to the right and goes for the line and scores. TRY!

21.00: Sopoaga takes the conversion from in front and nails it.

22.00: Tamati Ellison is taken in the air after the restart near the half way line. Woodward signals that he will kick for posts.

23.00: He takes the shot but misses. Sopoaga boots the ball well downfield.

25.00: The Rebels have had 52% possession so far but they have missed 12 tackles compared to the Highlanders 3. The Rebels win a free kick so they kick for touch.

27.00: The Rebels get another free kick so they boot the ball downfield but they don’t find it so the Highlanders kick the ball back with interest.

29.00: The Highlanders win a line out, Sopoaga chips ahead for Fekitoa who passes to Aaron Smith but the ball is knocked on. That would almost certainly have been a try.

31.00: Penalty to the Highlanders as the Rebels were angling in. Sopoaga will kick for posts. He nails it.

34.00: The Rebels attack and win the put in at a scrum. They win the scrum Stirzaker makes a break he gains the Rebels some ground but then he is caught and when the ball is recycled he knocks on.

36.00: Penalty at the scrum again. This time for the Rebels. Woodward will take the kick. He nails it.

38.00: The Rebels kick the ball out of their 22 after the restart, the ball goes to Ben Smith who is tackled but then the Highlanders knock on. Scrum.

39.00: The Rebels put the ball in and again we have a penalty. This time the Highlanders win the penalty. Sopoaga will kick for posts.

40.00: The siren sounds as Sopoaga takes the penalty kick from about 45m out.

41.00: He misses. It’s half time.

The half time score was Highlanders 20 Rebels 13

The Rebels kick off and we are underway with the second half.


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