Reds beat Stormers in Brisbane

Out of the last five matches between the Reds and the Stormers the Stormers have won three and the Reds have won two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Stormers kick off and we are underway.

2.00: The Reds make a strong start to the match making ground into the Stormers half.

4.00: The Reds win a penalty so Quade Cooper takes the kick but the ball hits the posts.

6.00: The Reds continue to play the ball in the Stormers half but the Stormers suck up the attacks.

7.00: The Stormers win a scrum in their half. They run the ball into the Reds half but they spill the ball forward so the Reds attack.

9.00: The Stormers win the ball from a ruck, they move the ball wide fast and Aplon passes to Damian de Allende who scores the opening TRY!

10.00: Peter Grant takes the conversion kick and nails it. The Stormers have the lead.

16.00: The Stormers win another penalty almost on the half way line. Peter Grant takes the kick but this one he misses.

19.00: The Reds win a penalty back so Quade Cooper takes the kick and this one he nails. The Reds are on the board. The Reds have had 75% of possession so far.

22.00: Gio Aplon falls awkwardly and dislocates his elbow. It looks awful. We have a break as he will need to be stretchered off. His game is over. Aplon put his hand to the ground to stop himself falling and landed on his arm. His arm is put in a makeshift sling and he walks off. The game resumes.

23.00: The Reds get the ball from a ruck and send it wide. They get to the 5m line but get pushed out. The Stormers line out is not straight so the Reds have a scrum 5m out.

24.00: The Reds win the scrum and after two phases goes over and  Rob Simmons scores under the posts. TRY!

25.00: Cooper takes the conversion from in front and nails it.

29.00: The Reds go through 10 phases just inside the Stormers half. Cooper chips ahead for Turner but the ball goes into touch.

33.00: The Reds are awarded a penalty so Quade Cooper lines up the kick and this one he misses. To the left.

35.00: Another penalty to the Reds but on the other side. Cooper takes the kick and this one he nails.

37.00: Penalty to the Stormers. Peter Grant takes the kick and slots it.

39.00: There is a break in play as Dom Shipperley goes down injured. He comes off and Ben Lucas comes off. Both teams have now lost a back line player.

40.00: The siren sounds after a scrum which fails to complete so the whistle goes for half time. It is half time.

The half time score was Reds 13 Stormers 10

The Reds kick off and we are underway.

40.01: The Stormers win a penalty straight after the restart so they kick for touch but don’t find it.

42.00: Cooper kicks the ball deep and it goes out on the full so we have a scrum on the half way line.

44.00: There is now a break in play for  James Slipper who gets some medical help. He carries on.

45.00: The Stormers win their scrum but the Reds steal the ball and Genia kicks ahead, he chases and almost gets the ball but the Stormers just manage to beat him to the ball and save a likely try.

47.00: Deon Fourie throws in another not straight line out. He has been playing flank for the last two years or so and this is his first game back at hooker.

48.00: The Reds get a scrum from this and they kick the ball away. Jaco Taute kicks the ball back and the Reds have another line out.

51.00: Ed Quirk comes off and is replaced by Curtis Browning.

52.00: The Stormers enjoy some attacking ball and they work it from their half to the Reds 22. De Allende knocks on but the Stormers get away with it and the ball goes out.

53.00: The Stormers line out is not straight again so the Reds have a scrum. Again.

55.00: The Reds get

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