Hurricanes beat Crusaders in Christchurch

The Crusaders will start this match with a record of having won just two matches this season and the Hurricanes start with a record of winning one match this season.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Hurricanes kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Hurricanes make an explosive start and Alapati Leiua gets into space on the wing and they almost get through but he loses the ball.

2.00: The Hurricanes have a penalty so they kick for touch. They win the line out and start their attack.

3.00: The Hurricanes get good quick ball on the Crusaders 22. They continue to attack and get to the 5m line.

4.00: The Crusaders have to absorb 16 phases of attack in their 22 but then the Hurricanes knock on. We go back for a penalty.

5.00: Beauden Barrett will kick for posts with the penalty. He nails the shot and the Hurricanes lead.

8.00: It’s all the Hurricanes. Again they go through the phases on attack and then they go over. A bit of a fight starts up before we go to the TMO. Tensions are high. We go to the TMO to check if another try has been scored. The try is awarded to Faifili Levave. Julian Savea made the initial break and Levave got the ball from a knock back by Nafi Tuitavake.

10.00:Barrett takes the conversion and the Canes lead by 10.

11.00: Missed tackles so far Crusaders 5 Hurricanes 0. Possession for the Hurricanes is at 89%.

12.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes for not rolling away. They kick for touch.

14.00: We have a break for an injury to an Hurricanes player – Jeffrey Toomaga-Allen. He goes off for a concussion test.

15.00: The game resumes with a scrum which has to be rest a couple of times.

16.00: The Hurricanes eventually win the scrum start their attack from inside their half but they concede a penalty. Tom Taylor signals that he will kick for posts.

17.00: Tom Taylor nails the penalty and slots it as Colin Slade gets some medical help.

18.00: The Hurricanes continue to attack in the Crusaders 22. And they after several phases TJ Perenara goes over for the second Canes TRY!

20.00: Barrett slots the conversion. It’s been all the Hurricanes so far.

22.00: The Crusaders win a penalty, they take the quick tap and Ryen Crotty runs and then kicks and Johnny McNicholl chases the ball, gathers it scores. TRY!

24.00: Taylor slots the conversion. The Crusaders are back in this but they have lost Kieran Read to an injury.

28.00: The Hurricanes continue to keep the pressure on. Johnny McNichol gets caught in his 22 and has to kick the ball out. He slices it so the Hurricanes have a line out just outside the Crusaders 22.

30.00: The Hurricanes are dictating the pace of the game and the Crusaders are battling to keep up. They are however getting up to speed and starting to cope.

31.00: The Crusaders attack down the wing but they lose the ball and the Hurricanes grab it and attack. They pass the ball back and Colin Slade scoops up a loose pass and the Crusaders have the ball 5m out. They go wide and McNicholl goes over in the corner but we have to go to the TMO to check the grounding. The TRY is awarded.

32.00: Tom Taylor misses the conversion and the Crusaders trail by two after having no ball.

35.00: Colin Slade is tackled in the air by Beauden Barett so the Crusaders have a penalty. They kick for touch and the line out.

36.00: The Crusaders win the line out but then lose the ball on attack. The Hurricanes kick upfield and the Crusaders get the ball back to attack again.

37.00: The Hurricanes suck up the Crusaders attack and force a knock on. The Hurricanes have a scrum on their 22m line.

38.00: Penalty from the scrum for the front row collapsing. Taylor will take a shot at the posts.

39.00: Taylor slots the penalty and the Crusaders lead.

40.00: The siren sounds so Ell

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