Lions beat Reds in Johannesburg.

The Reds have slipped down into eighth place in the overall standings while the Lions are up to fourth in the overall standings following their victory over the Blues.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Reds kick off and we are underway.

1.00: Cooper goes deep from the kick off and the Reds swiftly regain possession.

2.00: The Lions sustain some early pressure from the Reds and then they concede a penalty to the Reds.

3.00: Quade Cooper takes the penalty kick and slots it. The Reds lead.  

4.00: We have a break in play as Franco van der Merwe goes down and twists his ankle. The medics strap his ankle and the game carries on without him! The Reds win a penalty and they take the quick tap.

5.00: The Reds get the Lions on the backfoot and pressure the Lions into making a quick pass but it goes to Ben Tapuai who passes to Quade Cooper and he runs in the Reds first TRY!

6.00: Cooper adds the conversion.

9.00: The Reds have the Lions under the pump. Aidan Toua makes a break and is just caught and the Lions just manage to stop the Reds going over for their second. Toua injures himself but gets back up.

10.00: The Lions get the ball in their 22. They run it out and work it upfield and when they get into the Reds half Faf de Klerk has to kic the ball out.

11.00: The Reds win the line out on the 5m line. They kick upfield and the Lions get the ball to attack with. Cooper goes for an intercept but knocks on.

13.00: Penalty to the Lions in the Reds 22. Boshoff takes the shot at goal and nails it.

15.00: The Reds continue to attack the Lions and pushing them back. The Reds almost score a try but they called back for a penalty to the Reds on the 5m line. Hands in the ruck. Cooper will kick for posts.

16.00: Cooper takes the kick from in front and slots it.

19.00: Reds territory is at 59%. The Reds win a line out on the Lions throw but then they knock on.

22.00: The Reds are playing the game in the Lions half. Some of the Reds handling is however letting them down. Possession at 53% and territory 60% to the Reds.

24.00: The Lions win a scrum almost on the half way line. They work the ball about 15m forward but then the attack slows. They go through six phases and then the Reds intercept but they are called back for a knock on.

26.00: The Reds win a scrum and Genia chips upfield and makes huge ground. The Lions win the line out and attack from inside their half.  They fail to release and concede a penalty.

28.00: Cooper kicks for touch but doesn’t find it. The Lions then kick the ball out on the full.

30.00: Penalties conceded : Lions 2 Reds 3. The Lions have the ball on the half way line, they lose it and the Reds chip the ball ahead and the Lions have to take it out.

32.00: The Reds continue to bash away at the Lions after they win the line out and then Quade Cooper wrongfoots two Lions players and scores his second TRY! He adds the conversion.

35.00: Tackles missed : Lions 8 Reds 3

37.00: The Lions try to get a maul rolling but the Reds defend it and stop it. The Reds get a scrum about 15m out.

38.00: Penalty to the Lions 8m out. They choose a scrum.

39.00:The scrum is a mess and the Lions win a penalty. The Lions choose the scrum again. Berry gives a warning to the Reds.

40.00: The scrum collapses. Its reset and collapses again but the ball comes out. The Lions have another penalty.

41.00: The Lions decide to kick for posts instead of another scrum. They probably should have scrummed as the Reds were on a final warning for scrumming.

42.00: Boshoff takes the kick and slots it. It’s half time.

The half time score was Lions 6 Reds 20

Dom Shipperley has replaced Aidan Toua as the Reds fullback.

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