Kirwan will talk to SANZAR about TMO decision

Blues coach Sir John Kirwan says that he will speak to SANZAR about a TMO decision in his team’s 39-36 loss to the Lions in Johannesburg.

Blues says that the Lions were probably deserved winners despite a controversial try being awarded to the hosts three quarters into the match.

On route to the tryline it appeared as if a Blues player knocked the ball out of Deon van Rensburg’s hands. The ball spilled over the goal area with Coenie van Wyk falling on the loose ball for the try.

The match referee initially referred to the Television Match Official (TMO) when it was unclear whether the Van Rensburg knocked the ball on and whether it was the Blues player that knocked it out of his hands before the try was given.

“We probably didn’t deserve to win because we made too many mistakes in the first half and the (first) yellow card was a two-try affair so we came into the second half under the pump,” said Kirwan.

“I’ll be asking Lyndon Bray (Sanzar’s head of referees) for a very strong clarification on those, because last week there was a double movement and they came back to us and said
‘yeah, we got it wrong,” Kirwan told Radiosport.

“Three weekends in a row we’ve got calls that have gone against us.”

“That was a bit of a tough one at a critical moment so we will have to have a look at it.”

“I thought the Lions deserved to win in the end. I thought we could have stolen it but we have to give ourselves a better chance.”

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