Brumbies beat Hurricanes in Wellington

The Hurricanes and the Brumbies have both had a relatively short turnaround for this match with no shortage of travel.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Hurricanes kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Brumbies make a good start to the match by working the ball back into the Hurricanes half. They win the first line out and then Adam Hill comes through and knocks the ball on.

2.00:The Brumbies then win the first scrum and run the ball. A pass gets knocked on but the Brumbies have an advantage so they get a free kick.

4.00: The Hurricanes win a scrum and run the ball wide on the half way line. There is an infringement though so the Hurricanes have a free kick so they kick for touch. The line out will be on the Brumbies 22.

6.00: Julian Savea makes a break down the wing, the Brumbies manage to stop him on the third attempt but the Hurricanes get over the gain line and continue to attack until the Brumbies concede a penalty.

7.00: Beauden Barrett takes the penalty kick and nails it. The Hurricanes lead.

9.00: The Hurricanes are starting to dominate the match. They are controlling the ball and forcing the Brumbies to play in their half.

10.00: The Brumbies get some ball but Nic White kicks upfield and the ball goes straight out on the full.

11.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and attack and Speight puts in a thumping tackle which wins the Brumbies a penalty as Marshall fails to release the ball.

14.00: The Brumbies are starting to fight back. They get some attacking ball in the Hurricanes half. They go through the phases but the Hurricanes keep them out of their 22.

15.00: The Hurricanes get a boot to the ball and there is a mad chase between Beauden Barrett and two Brumbies players for the ball. Nc White get the ball as it bobbles towards the line and then knocks it back. Barrett falls over White and there is a scrum on the 5m line.

16.00:The Hurricanes win the scrum but fumble the ball in front of the posts and the Brumbies kick the ball into touch.

19.00: Barrett chips the ball ahead on the Brumbies 22 but they are called back for offside at the ruck so the Hurricanes have a penalty.

20.00: Barrett takes the penalty kick and nails it.

24.00: The Brumbies win a scrum in centre field, they pass the ball to Pat McCabe who slices through the Hurricanes and make huge ground but is finally caught and his support can’t hold on to the ball. Brumbies looked really dangerous there.

27.00: The Brumbies win the ball from a 5m line out. They drive over the line but are held up. They do however get the put in at the next scrum.

28.00: The scrum is a mess and the Hurricanes end up with the ball and kick it upfield.

29.00: The Brumbies win a penalty in front of the posts but outside the Hurricanes 22. They will kick for posts.

30.00: White takes the shot and slots it. The Brumbies are on the board.

31.00: There is a mad fumble for the ball in the Brumbies 22 after a break by the Hurricanes, somehow after Cory Jane passes the ball back the Hurricanes keep the ball alive and TJ Perenara gets the ball and dives over the line for a mad TRY!

32.00: Barrett slots the conversion.

35.00: the Brumbies win a scrum and Jesse Mogg attacks at pace and slips past Conrad Smith and scores the first TRY for the Brumbies.

37.00: Nic White adds the conversion.

39.00: The Brumbies hold on to the ball from the restart and continue to bang away at the Hurricanes. They manage to stretch the Hurricanes and Nic White scores in the corner. TRY!

40.00: Nic White takes the conversion but hits the post. It’s half time.

The half time score was Hurricanes 13 Brumbies 15

The Brumbies kick off and we are underway.

41.00: The Brumbies

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