Lions beat Cheetahs in Bloemfontein

South African referee Craig Joubert will blow his whistle to start the 2014 Super Rugby season in Bloemfontein when the Cheetahs host the Lions on Saturday.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Lions have suffered a blow as Michael Bondesio has been ruled out and Faf de Klerk starts in his place.

The Lions kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The first penalty of the season goes to the Cheetahs as the Lions fail to release and they concede the penalty. They will go for posts around the half way line.

2.00: Johan Goosen takes the shot from about 55m out. His distance is fine but he misses. Still no score.

6.00: The Cheetahs have the first scrum. They have the bigger pack and the Lions concede a free kick. The Cheetahs take it quickly and push the Lions back into their 22.

7.00: Derrick Minnie is caught offside so the Lions concede another penalty. This one is in the Lions 22 so Goosen gets another shot but this one is much easier. He misses! 

9.00: There is an injury to a Lions player which holds up the game. Eventually he gets up and carries on. We have a scrum but the Lions shove early so the Cheetahs have yet another penalty. Goosen kicks for the corner.

12.00: The Cheetahs show the first real bit of a running break but Willie le Roux gets the ball and knocks it on!

15.00:The Lions concede another penalty but it gets reversed as there is some shoving. The Lions will kick for posts. Marnitz Boshoff takes the shot and nails it. The Lions are on the board.

17.00: The Cheetahs are showing more on attack than the Lions but this time the final pass is forward. Lions Scrum.

19.00: Penalty from the scrum to the Cheetahs. Goosen lines up the ball for a penalty shot. This one he nails. The scores are level.

23.00: The Cheetahs get the ball and counter attack (Willie le Roux), he gets through the Lions defence and passes to Raymond Rhule who burns the rest of the Lions down the wing and runs in the first try of the Super Rugby season. TRY!

25.00: Goosen takes the conversion and nails it. The Cheetahs lead by 7.

28.00: Marnitz Boshoff attempts a drop from about 55m out but he misses and hits the bottom of the posts.

29.00: Penalty to the Lions. Boshoff takes the shot and nails it. The Lions trail by 4 now.

30.00: There is a short break in play as one of the Cheetahs (Adriaan Strauss) gets some help from the medics. He carries on.

34.00: The Cheetahs are keeping the Lions pinned back in their half with territorial kicks.

35.00: The Lions take a 22 drop out and it goes deep so the Cheetahs have to attack from inside their own half.

37.00: Boom Prinsloo kicks the ball upfield for Rhule to chase but the touch line wins. The Lions are not doing much in terms of attack. Caylib Oosthuizen goes down injured so the game is held up.

38.00: The game resumes and the Cheetahs scrum illegally so the Lions have a penalty. They kick for the line and set up a line out on the Cheetahs 22 line. The Lions win the line out but the Cheetahs turn the ball over and kick it ahead.

39.00: The Lions start their counter but the Lions had an advantage and get nowhere so we go back for a penalty for a high tackle.

40.00: Marnitz Boshoff takes the penalty kick and slots it. The Lions trail by one.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Cheetahs 10 Lions 9

The Cheetahs kick off and the second half is underway.

41.00: The Cheetahs start the attack early on but then the Lions turn it over and almost get away from the Cheetahs. The Lions recycle the ball and continue their attack but they then have to chip ahead and the ball goes out behind the tryline.

43.00: The Lions are playing a much more territorial game with the boot and it is putting the Cheet

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