Australia beat Argentina in Perth

Australia’s Wallabies and Argentina’s Pumas have yet to win a match in this year’s Rugby Championship but that will most likely change this week.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
0.01: Argentina kick off and we are underway.
3.00: The Wallabies have the put in for the first scrum of the match. It has to be reset though.
5.00: James Slipper takes a big knock in a tackle and referee Alain Rolland pauses the game while he gets some help. He carries on and Argentina have a scrum.
6.00: The Pumas win the scrum and run the ball to the Australian 22. They kick to the corner and Nick Cummins tries to run the ball but is caught and concedes a penalty on the tryline. The Pumas win a penalty and will kick for posts.
7.00: Nicolas Sanchez slots the penalty so Argentina lead.
10.00: Penalty to Australia (Hooper wins the turnover) after some pressure in the chase from Nick Cummins. Lealiifano will kick for posts.
11.00: Lealiffano takes the penalty kick and slots it. The scores are level.
15.00: The Wallabies win a scrum from a penalty about 11m inside the Pumas half. They will kick for posts.
17.00: Lealiifano puts in a huge kick but slots it. Australia lead.
19.00: The Wallabies win the ball from a line out and set up their maul. They make some ground but the Pumas manage to stop the drive and push them back. The Wallabies clear the ball and start to move the ball through the backs but the Pumas defend.
21.00: Penalty to the Wallabies. They kick for touch.
22.00: The Wallabies win the scrum but again the Pumas defend.
27.00: The Wallabies continue to attack the Pumas and after several attacks Israel Folau brushes off five tackles and scores. TRY!
28.00: Lealiifano takes the conversion kick and but just misses.
34.00: Argentina have the ball in their forwards and they work the ball almost to the line. The Wallabies however turn the ball over and kick downfield.
36.00: Nick Cummins almost gets a try as Horacio Agulla fumbles a catch in the wet but the ball was out before Cummins got to it.
38.00: The Wallabies try a set move at the line out but they mess it up. They get another put in though as the Pumas took it out.
39.00: Wallabies win the line out but they lose ground and then there is a knock on or two. Wallabies get the scrum put in on the Pumas 22.
40.00: The siren sounds and the Wallabies have the ball. They win a penalty so Lealiifano will kick for posts in the final act of the half.
41.00: Lealiifano takes the kick and slots it. It’s half time.
The half time score was Australia 14 Argentina 3
Australia kick off and we are underway with the second half.
43.00: Argentina try to keep the ball more in their forwards. They set up a maul but it collapses and Australia get the put in.
45.00: Argentina win another line out in the Wallabies 22. They can’t quite get the maul going and it goes to ground. Australia have the put in.
47.00: Penalty to the Pumas from the scrum. 5m out They choose another scrum.
50.00:Penalty in their 22 to the Wallabies. Good defensive showing. Nic White kicks for touch.
51.00: The Wallabies win the line out and start to build their attack. It seems ages since they were in the Pumas half.

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