SANZAR: New Global season plan ‘holds appeal’

SANZAR Boss Greg Peters says that moving the June Test window and playing Super Rugby without a three week break “certainly holds appeal”.

Pressure is mounting on Rugby Officials to bring the Northern and Southern Hemisphere seasons more in line with each other and the move is edging nearer.

Earlier this week the International Rugby Players Association urged rugby bosses to alter the seasons.

Under their proposal the European season would begin a month laster and the June Test window would be pushed back to the last three weeks of July.

The move would see the Super Rugby season finished in June/early July and would do away with the break for the June Internationals which causes Super Rugby to lose some of it’s momentum.

English Premiership clubs have tentatively welcomed the plan and Peters says that given that the propose changes make sense he would be willing to enter into discussions with the northern unions.

“The idea of moving June to July, in a SANZAR context, certainly holds a lot of appeal, for a lot of reasons” Peters told the Herald Sun.

“We could complete the Super Rugby season without a break, which is something in an ideal world we would want to do.

“Then you would move straight into the international program, have a short break, the Rugby Championship, short break, and then the Spring Tours.”

“We would certainly be interested in sitting down with the northern unions, and getting their views about whether it would work.

“And obviously we are interested in the views of the players associations as well.”

Peters admitted that “re-igniting” interest in Super Rugby after the June Test series does present a challenge.

“If you come back from June and you’re team has little or no chance of making the finals, they don’t have a lot to play for other than to disrupt other teams,” Peters said.

“It’s a difficult part of the year. We made sure the majority of the last few rounds were local derbies to keep a bit of fire in the competition, no matter what positions teams hold.”

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