Brumbies beat Melbourne Rebels in Canberra

The Brumbies and the Melbourne Rebels have already played each other once this year and the first match between the teams was won by the Brumbies.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
Nic White kicks off and we are underway.
1.00: The Rebels enjoy some early territory in the Brumbies 22. They kick ahead but Jesse Mogg makes the mark. He kicks into touch.
2.00: The Rebels win the line out and move the ball across the field where the Brumbies turn the ball over and attack. The Brumbies run the ball 70m and after three phases on the line Scott Sio scores. TRY!
4.00: Jesse Mogg takes the conversion from almost the touchline but he misses.
8.00: There is some doubt over Nic White who is holding his arm and shoulder carefully. He may have to come off.
9.00: Brumbies captain for the match Nic White comes off. Ian Prior is on. The Rebels are trying to make ground by kicking the ball for territory but Jesse Mogg is up to the task over and over again.
10.00: The Brumbies get the ball just outside the Rebels 22, they attack and Toomua passes Clyde Rathbone who powers over for the second Brumbies TRY!
11.00: Jesse Mogg takes the conversion kick and misses.
15.00: The Rebels continue to go to air with the ball and this time Mogg kicks out and the visitors gain ground.
20.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Jason Woodward takes the kick and slots it. The Rebels are on the board.
25.00: The Rebels are managing to contain the Brumbies a lot more than they did in the early minutes.
28.00: The Brumbies try to move the ball but Toomua passes to Sio who knocks on.
31.00: The Brumbies are dominating territory currently but the game has really slowed and there are plenty of scrums.
35.00: The Rebels go on attack and get to the Brumbies tryline but the hosts hold them out. Toomua kicks deep and the Rebels have to attack all over again.
39.00: The Brumbies win a line out in the Rebels half but near the half way line. They try the grubber kick for Rathbone but Woodward knocks on as the half time siren sounds.
40.00: It is half time.
The half time score was Brumbies 10 Rebels 3
The second half is underway.
43.00: Penalty to the Brumbies almost on the halfway line. Mogg takes the kick – its big – and he nails it.
44.0: The Brumbies are in full attack but they lose the ball 5m out. Jason Woodward gets a toe to the ball – twice – and then gathers the ball and as he is tackled he passes to Tom English who catches the ball and runs in the Rebels first TRY!
46.00: Woodward converts the try and it’s a three point match.
47.00: The Brumbies look hungry. They work the ball into the Rebels 22 and then after a couple of recycles Clyde Rathbone scores again in the corner. TRY!
49.00: Ian Prior takes the conversion kick and misses.
53.00: The Brumbies are going through the phases slowly and then Peter Kimlin is tackled but gets the ball away to Henry Speight who slips through a double tackle and scores the BONUS point TRY.
54.00: Ian Prior adds the conversion.
58.00: The Brumbies are attacking just outside the Rebels 22 and Colby Faingaa gets the ball, he slips through three tackles and goes over to score. TRY!
58.00: Ian Prior converts the try as Rathbone

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