Stormers beat Southern Kings in Cape Town

The Stormers have been told not to underestimate the Southern Kings when they play Super Rugby’s newcomers at Newlands in Cape Town on Saturday.

This match is the 100th Super Rugby match this season.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. Weather conditions are very bad. The rain is belting down. Newlands is empty compared to normal standards.
0.01: The Stormers kick off and we are underway.
1.00: The Stormers win the first scrum of the match.
2.00: Penalty to the Stormers on the Kings 22m line. Whitehead not rolling away. The rain has eased for the moment. Joe Pietersen takes the penalty kick and slots it.
6.00: Another penalty for the Stormers. It’s on the half way line to Jantjies kicks for touch.
9.00: Andries Strauss fails to retreat after the tackle (offside) so the Stormers have another penalty on the 22m line. Pietersen takes the kick and nails it.
13.00: The Stormers concede a penalty inside their half so they kick for touch.They set up a line out inside the Stormers half as the rain returns.
15.00: Deon Fourie is caught offside. Penalty to the Kings. Whitehead takes the kick and slots it.
19.00: The Kings put the Stormers under pressure with their attack. They get the ball to the 5m line after an Andries Strauss grubber but the Stormers get the ball and Pietersen kicks it into touch.
23.00: Penalty for the Kings just outside their 22. Whitehead kicks for touch.
27.00: Ref Joubert reverses an initial decision and gives a penalty to the Stormers after the Kinsg tackled a play in the air. The Stormers kick for touch.
31.00: The Stormers enjoy some good running ball from side to side but then they lose it forward. Kings scrum.
34.00: The Stormers are on attack. Aplon almost gets through. The Stormers recycle and then Siviwe Soyizwapi almost gets an intercept.
38.00: The Stormers are playing the game in the Kings 22 but they can’t get through.
39.00: The Stormers win a line out on the Kings 22. The Stormers set up a maul but it falls apart.
40.00: The Stormers win a scrum as the siren sounds. The ball pops out and rolls to the corner. The whistle goes for half time and a biit of a fight breaks out and then stops. Its half time.
The half time score was Stormers 6 Kings 3
The second half is underway.
42.00: The Kings are enjoying some early territory as they are pinning the ball back in the Stormers half.
45.00: The Stormers go through 11 phases and get the ball to the Kings 22m line but then the final pass to Nizaam Carr is forward.
47.00: The Stormers win a penalty. Joe Pietersen takes the kick and slots it.
49.00: Torrential rain has arrived again. It’s pouring down in sheets.
50.00: The Kings kick ahead and Joe Pietersen runs back to get the ball and is caught off guard. Ronnie Cooke comes within centimetres of the ball after beating Pietersen to it.
54.00: Penalty to the Southern Kings. George Whitehead takes the kick in the wind and nails it.
57.00: Penalty to the Stormers. Joe Pietersen takes the kick and slots it.
61.00: The game is held up as Kevin Buys gets some new contact lenses. The Stormers have a penalty too. Pietersen takes kick for posts with for penalty. Dewaldt Duvenage is on for the Stormers. Pietersen misses the kick. &nbsp

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