Highlanders beat Blues in Dunedin

Out of the last ten Super Rugby matches between the Highlanders and the Blues the Highlanders have won just three.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
Colin Slade kicks off and we are underway.
2.00: The Highlanders make a strong start by controlling territory and possession.
3.00: The Blues turn the ball over as the Highlanders attack but they kick the ball to Ben Smith who starts the attack all over again.
5.00: The Highlanders are playing all of the rugby. The Blues hold them out but knock on so the Highlanders have a 5m scrum.
6.00: The Highlanders drive over the line but they are held up so we go back for a penalty on the 5m line for offside. The Highlanders are determined to win this match – they have arrived with  a fierce attitude.
7.00: The Highlanders engage early and concede a penalty. Opportunity lost. The Blues kick for touch – and miss
9.00: The Highlanders are going through the phases and then on the 15th phase Ben Smith slips through and scores. TRY! The TMO will check. There is a case for obstruction but the try is awarded.
10.00: Slade takes the conversion and nails it.
12.00: The Blues are fighting back. Steven Luatua makes a break but he is caught. The Blues knock on though so the Highlanders have a scrum. Highlanders possession so far is 78%.
14.00: Piri Weepu takes a knock in a tackle but the game carries on. He is out cold.  The Highlanders come close to scoring but eventually they are stopped and the game comes to a stop. The medics are out for Weepu as is the stretcher. Weepu is stretchered off and he is still not moving. Very serious.
16.00:The game resumes with a Highlanders 5m attacking scrum. The Highlanders get the ball under the posts but they are held out about a metre out. Penalty to the Highlanders. They go again.
17.00: Another penalty to the Highlanders. The Blues get a warning and Slade will kick for posts. He nails it. Highlanders possession 76%.
20.00: The Highlanders win a line out on the Blues 22m line. They win the line out and attack. Brad Thorn almost gets through but they recycle and continue the attack. Held up. 5m scrum to Highlanders.
21.00: The Highlanders attack again and Tamati Ellison powers through a tackle by Rene Ranger an scores. TRY!
22.00: Slade takes the conversion and slots it. Reports from the medics say that Weepu is fine but had concussion. He is now sitting up.
24.00: The game is held up for an injuries to Rene Ranger, Shaun Treeby and Jarrad Hoeata. Lots of blood on Treeby. The game resumes.
27.00: The Highlanders are still dominating play. They are in the Blues half. The backs get the ball into the Blues 22. All the Blues can do is tackle.
28.00: The Highlanders attack is relentless. If only they had played like this earlier in the season. After an endless phase of play Ben Smith slips through and scores his second TRY!
29.00: Slade misses the conversion.
30.00: Ma’a Nonu has come on as a blood bin sub for Shaun Treeby.
32.00: It’s all the Highlanders. The Blues can’t get their hands on the ball and this time Hosea Gear slips through and scores the bonus point TRY!
33.00: Slade adds the conversion. Sam Prattley comes on for Prop Tim Perry.
35.00: Highlanders possession is 79% –

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