Henry apologises to SANZAR, saying he went too far

Blues assistant coach Sir Graham Henry has apologized for criticizing referees after a recent Super Rugby match, saying his comments “went too far.”

The former All Blacks coach issued a public apology at the instruction of Super Rugby’s governing body Sanzar which ruled that his had comments breached their Code of Conduct.

At a judicial hearing on Sunday, Henry was cautioned and instructed to publicly apologize to referee Glen Jackson and his assistants.

Henry said his comments, in which he called the television match official blind and labeled one decision ludicrous, “went beyond that which Sanzar deem acceptable.”

Henry’s statement reads as follows, “On Sunday, I accepted that I had breached the SANZAR Code of Conduct with comments I made to the media last week following the Blues’ game against the Crusaders. “

“This statement is an apology to the match officials who may have taken offence to my comments and to SANZAR.

“I accept that my comments to the media last week went beyond that which SANZAR deem acceptable under the Code of Conduct. Accordingly, I want to apologise to SANZAR and to the match officials involved for my comments, and for any offence they may have felt, as this was certainly not my intention.”

“My intention was to try to respond to media questions in relation to matters I thought were important, in an honest but humorous style. I clearly failed to achieve that and in some respects, I accept my comments went too far in criticising the match officials.

“I recognise there is a SANZAR Code of Conduct to be followed and I will take more care to adhere to these standards in the future when I am answering media questions about matters which both the media, and the fans are interested to hear from us about.”

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