Crusaders beat Blues in Christchurch

The Crusaders and Blues have already played each other once this season and in the first match the Blues beat the Crusaders 15-34.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. 
The Blues kick off and we are underway. The Crusaders have had to change their line up with Ben Funnell coming in to replace Corey Flynn who tweaked a hamstring. Conditions are poor as its wet and raining.
1.00: Both teams make a fast paced start but the Crusaders knock the slippery ball on. Blues scrum.
4.00: The Blues hold on to the ball and move it through 13 phases before the Crusaders push Frank Halai into touch. Crusaders defence being heavily tested.  
7.00: The Blues are playing this match at real pace and dominating possession. It’s raining but the Blues are playing like it’s a dry match.
9.00: Penalty – the first of the match – is awarded to the Crusaders. Tom Taylor will kick from almost the half way line.
10.00:Taylor takes the kick but misses. Still no score.
12.00: The Crusaders win a line out on their 22, Carter kicks downfield and it goes straight to the Blues backs but they kick high and chase but the ball goes into touch.
13.00: The Blues attack Rene Ranger but the Crusaders stop him and turn the ball over and Luke Romano runs down the wing, Carter is with him but he doesn’t pass and the Blues catch him and get the ball and kick it out.
17.00: The Blues continue to attack the Crusaders from all over the field. Ranger passes to Halai but the ball goes out over the touchline. Blues possession is at 54%, their territory is an incredible 83 %.
19.00: Ali Williams comes in from the side of ruck so the Crusaders clear the ball by kicking it into touch.
21.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. Tom Taylor takes the shot in the pouring rain and he nails it.
25.00: The Blues try to clear the ball with a kick but Ryan Crotty charges the kick down and gathers the ball and runs in for the first TRY!
26.00: Tom Taylor slots the conversion.
29.00: Penalty for the Blues after a “no arms tackle”. Chris Noakes takes the kick and slots it. The Blues are on the board.
31.00: Scrum penalty for the Blues in their 22. Noakes clears the ball into touch.
33.00: The Blues win the line out and start their attack on the Crusaders 22. They get into the 22 but Halai knocks on.
35.00: The Crusaders kick the ball out of their 22 and chase, Piutau loses the ball and the Crusaders appear with the ball and the backs formed ready to attack, the ball gets to Fruean but his pass is knocked on. Opportunity lost.
37.00: Accidental offside from the Crusaders so the Blues get a scrum inside the Crusaders half.  The Blues win the scrum and set up their attack.
39.00: Dan Carter tackles Piutau and wins a penalty for the Crusaders. They scrum.
40.00: The siren sounds as the Crusaders are awarded a free kick. They take it quickly and run it looking to score before the break.
41.00: The Crusaders get the ball up to the Blues 22. They get over the 22 but Guildford’s pass goes out. We go to the TMO as a Blues player Culum Retallick knocked the ball down intentionally. There is a strong case for a penalty try but Culum Retallick is shown a yellow card and a penalty is awarded. Tom Taylor will kick for posts. 35.8m out. He nails it.
It’s half time.
The half time score is Crusaders 13 Blues&nbs

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