Reds beat Sharks in Brisbane

The Reds have played the Sharks 15 times since 1998 and the Queenslanders have won 8 of those matches and the Natalians 7.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The teams are on the field.
The Reds kick off and we are underway. Cooper’s kick goes out on the full so we go back for a scrum on the half way line.
2.00: The Reds concede a penalty for holding on. The Sharks kick for touch.
4.00: The Reds work the ball back into the Sharks half. They win a line out and attack in the Sharks 22. The Reds split the Sharks as Saia Faingaa goes over for the TRY! The pass came from Quade Cooper.
5.00: Quade Cooper slots the conversion.
9.00: The Sharks look to get into the game by holding on to the ball on attack in the Reds half. They go through 9 phases and get into the Reds 22. The Sharks win a penalty for slowing the ball down in front of the posts. Lambie will kick.
10.00: Lambie slots the penalty and the Sharks are on the board.
14.00: The Sharks are on full attack in the Reds 22. The Reds turn the ball over and attack. Chris Feauai-Sautia runs it out of their 22 and Genia goes with and chips across for Rod Davies who scores. TRY! Brilliant try.
15.00: Quade Cooper takes the conversion kick but misses.
20.00: The Reds continue to attack. They get the ball into the Sharks 22 and Anthony Faingaa slips past Piet Lindeque and goes in for the third Reds TRY!
21.00: Cooper takes the conversion kick from the touchline and nails it.
22.00: It’s just not happening for the Sharks. Cooper kicks downfield and Keegan Daniel goes to pass the ball out but puts a foot in touch.  
26.00: The Sharks have already missed 11 tackles. Normally they miss 15 per game on average.
29.00: Penalty to the Reds inside the Sharks half. Cooper takes the kick and curls it in.
32.00: The Sharks are really off in this match. Or the Reds are smoking hit. Cooper chips through and Daniel goes for the ball, the Reds turn it over and spread it wide and Rod Davies goes over for the Bonus Point TRY!!
34.00: That’s the Reds first four try bonus point at home this year. Cooper takes the conversion and nails it.
36.00: The Sharks enjoy some attacking ball in the Reds half. They knock on however so the Reds get a scrum.
37.00: The Reds win the scrum and Digby Ioane tries to get away on the wing but he is pushed into touch.
39.00: The Reds are back in the Sharks 22. Keegan Daniel is not having a particularly good game. The Reds win a line out as the siren sounds. Cooper drops the ball and toes it ahead. The Sharks counter but the ball goes into touch. It’s half time. Sharks have missed 17 tackles.
The half time score is Reds 29 Sharks 3
The Sharks kick off and we are underway for the second half.
41.00: The Sharks make a strong start and win the ball back after the kick off. They go through the phases and get to the Reds 22m line.
43.00: The Sharks have really come out for the second half. Mvovo gets them into space and he passes out to the line and Piet Lindeque scores in the corner. TRY!
44.00:Lambie nails the conversion.
47.00: The Reds are not having it all their way as they did in the first half. The Reds have the ball in the Sharks half with a scrum on the Sharks 22.
49.00: The game is held up as Franco van

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